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Senior Fellows

Research Fellows

Burton A. Abrams
Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Delaware

Hovannes Abramyan
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Vicki E. Alger
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Karen LaFollette Araujo
former President, Hemispheric Studies Institute

Dominick T. Armentano
Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Hartford

Stephen Baskerville
Associate Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College and author of Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family (Cumberland House, 2007).

Jonathan J. Bean
Professor of History, Southern Illinois University

Scott A. Beaulier
Dean of the North Dakota State University's College of Business

Wilfred Beckerman
Emeritus Fellow at Balliol College, Oxford University, England

David Beckworth
Assistant Professor of Economics at Western Kentucky University

Linda Royster Beito
Professor and Dean of Arts and Science, Stillman College

James T. Bennett
Eminent Scholar, the William P. Snavely Chair of Political Economy and Public Policy, and Director of the John M. Olin Institute for Employment Practice and Policy, Department of Economics, George Mason University

K. Lloyd Billingsley
Policy Fellow, Independent Institute

Erwin A. Blackstone
Professor of Economics at Temple University

Peter J. Boettke
University Professor of Economics and Philosophy, George Mason University

Patricia H. Born
Payne H. and Charlotte Hodges Midyette Eminent Scholar in Risk Management & Insurance, College of Business, Florida State University

Donald J. Boudreaux
Professor of Economics, George Mason University

Matthew E. Brown
Assistant Professor of Business Administration, University of Illinois-Springfield

Edgar K. Browning
Professor Emeritus of Economics, Texas A&M University

Laurie L. Calhoun
Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and Advisory Editor of Transition: An International Review.

Christopher J. Calton

Rosolino A. Candela
Program Director, of Academic and Student Programs and Senior Fellow in the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University

Art Carden
Associate Professor of Economics and Business, Samford University

Thomas F. Cargill
Professor of Economics, University of Nevada

Katie Colton
Utah State University

Roy E. Cordato
Vice President for Research, John Locke Foundation

Tyler Cowen
General Director, Mercatus Center and the James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy, George Mason University

Abigail Devereaux
Assistant Professor of Economics, W. Frank Barton Business School, Wichita State University

Thomas J. DiLorenzo
President of the Mises Institute

Kevin Dowd
Professor of Finance and Economics at Durham University, England

Donald A. Downs
Professor of Political Science, Law and Journalism, University of Wisconsin

Martin Eling
Professor of Insurance and Director, Institute of Insurance Science, University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Richard A. Epstein
Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law, New York University

Craig Eyermann
Instructor in Business and Mathematics, Axia College, University of Phoenix

Hugo J. Faria
Professor of Economics and Finance, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracion, Caracas, Venezuela

Tate Fegley
Postdoctoral Associate, Center for Governance and Markets, University of Pittsburgh

Robert L. Formaini
Adjunct Instructor of Economics, Collin College

Arthur E. Foulkes
Professor of Government, Northwood University

H. E. Frech
Professor of Economics, University of California, Santa Barbara

Caleb S. Fuller
Associate Professor of Economics, Grove City College

Gary M. Galles
Professor of Economics, Pepperdine University

Terry L. Gannon
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

B. Delworth Gardner
Emeritus Professor of Economics, Brigham Young University

Bradley M. Gardner
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Gabriel Gasave
Director of the Center on Global Prosperity and editor of

Benjamin Ginsberg
David Bernstein Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Zachary Gochenour
Fellow, Department of Economics, George Mason University

Peter Gordon
Professor of Policy, Planning and Development, University of Southern California

Carolyn D. Gorman
Paulson Policy Analyst at the Manhattan Institute

Martin F. Grace
James S. Kemper Professor of Risk Management, Georgia State University

Thomas J. Grennes
Professor Emeritus of Economics, North Carolina State University

Jahn K. Hakes
Mathematical Statistician, US Census Bureau

Simon Hakim
Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Competitive Government, Temple University

Joshua C. Hall
Associate Professor of Economics, West Virginia University

David R. Henderson
Research Fellow, Hoover Institution; Emeritus Professor of Economics, Naval Postgraduate School

Elizabeth Bernard Higgs
Adjunct Fellow, Independent Institute

Peter J. Hill
George F. Bennett Professor Emeritus of Business and Economics, Wheaton College

Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
Professor of Economics, San Jose State University

Morgan E. Hunter
Hoover Institution

David Isenberg
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Brian Isom
Research Manager, Center for Growth and Opportunity, Utah State University

L. Lynne Kiesling
Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics and the Social Enterprise in the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

C. Ronald Kimberling
former Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary Education in the U.S. Department of Education

Daniel B. Klein
Professor of Economics, George Mason University; co-author of

Peter G. Klein
Research Associate, Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise, Baylor University

Robert W. Klein
Associate Professor and director at the Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research, Georgia State University

Andrew N. Kleit
Professor of Energy and Environmental Economics, Pennsylvania State University

Roger G. Koppl
Professor of Economics and Finance, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Noelle Kowalczyk
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Emre Kuvvet
Associate Professor of Finance, Nova Southeastern University

Robert A. Lawson
Jerome M. Fullinwider Chair in Economic Freedom, Southern Methodist University

Dwight R. Lee
Emeritus Chair of Ramsey Professor of Free Enterprise, Economics Department, University of Georgia

Peter T. Leeson
BB&T Professor for the Study of Capitalism, George Mason University

David R. Legates
Retired Professor of Climatology in the Department of Geography and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Applied Economics and Statistics, University of Delaware

Eli Lehrer
President, R Street Institute

Pierre Lemieux
Economist, Department of Management Sciences, Université du Québec en Outaouais, Canada

Stan J. Liebowitz
Ashbel Smith Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for the Analysis of Property Rights and Innovation, University of Texas, Dallas

Edward J. López
BB&T Distinguished Professor of Capitalism, Western Carolina University

Anthony R. Lupo
Chairman and Professor of Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Science, University of Missouri

Ian S. Lustick
Bess W. Heyman Chair of Political Science and Director of Graduate Studies in the Political Science Department at the University of Pennsylvania

Douglas W. MacKenzie
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Raymond J. March
Assistant Professor, Agribusiness and Applied Economics, North Dakota State University

Stephen E. Margolis
Head, Department of Economics, North Carolina State University

J. Victor Marshall
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Adam G. Martin
Associate Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Texas Tech University

Wendy McElroy
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Richard B. McKenzie
Walter B. Gerken Professor Emeritus of Enterprise and Society, Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine

Thomas Means
Professor of Economics and Director, Center for Economic Education, San Jose State University

Roger E. Meiners
John and Judy Goolsby and E.M. (Manny) Rosenthal Chair in Economics and Law, University of Texas, Arlington

John D. Merrifield
Professor of Economics, University of Texas, San Antonio

Robert J. Michaels
Professor Emeritus of Economics, California State University, Fullerton

Jeffrey A. Miron
Professor of Economics, Harvard University

Andrew P. Morriss
Dean and Anthony G. Buzbee Dean's Endowed Chairholder, Texas A&M University School of Law

Robert P. Murphy
Senior Economist, Institute for Energy Research

George W. Nicholson
Retired Associate Justice for the Court of Appeal, Third District, State of California

Randal O’Toole
Senior Fellow, Thoreau Institute

Lee E. Ohanian
Professor of Economics and Director of the Ettinger Family Program in Macroeconomic Research, University of California, Los Angeles

Edward A. Olsen
Professor Emeritus of National Security Studies, Naval Postgraduate School

James R. Otteson
John T. Ryan Jr. Professor of Business Ethics, University of Notre Dame

Ernest C. Pasour, Jr.
Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Resource Economics, North Carolina State University

James L. Payne
Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and Director of Lytton Research and Analysis

Jeffrey J. Pompe
Nellie Cooke Sparrow Professor of Business, Professor of Economics, and Francis Marion University Trustee Research Scholar, Francis Marion University

Lawrence S. Powell
Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration, University of Alabama

Linda C. Raeder
Professor of Politics, Palm Beach Atlantic University

R. David Ranson
President and Director of Research, HCWE & Company

Michael Reksulak
Director of Online Programs, George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School

Sheldon Richman
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

James R. Rinehart
Professor Emeritus of Economics, Francis Marion University

Paul Craig Roberts
Chairman, Institute of Political Economy; former Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Gabriel Roth
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Paul H. Rubin
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Economics, Emory University

Randal R. Rucker
Professor of Agricultural Economics and Economics, Montana State University

Matt E. Ryan
Assistant Professor of Economics, Duquesne University

Alexander William Salter
Associate Professor of Economics, Rawls College of Business and the Comparative Economics Research Fellow, Free Market Institute, Texas Tech University

Joan T. Schmit
American Family Insurance Chair in Risk Management and Insurance, University of Wisconsin, Madison

John Semmens
Laissez Faire Institute

Emily C. Skarbek
Associate Professor of Political Theory (Research), Political Theory Project and the Director of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Research Seminar, Brown University

Vernon L. Smith
Member of the Board of Advisors, Independent Institute; Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences; Professor of Economics and Law, the George L. Argyros Endowed Chair in Finance and Economics, and the Founding Director of the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University

John W. Sommer
Knight Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geography, University of North Carolina

Samuel R. Staley
Director, DeVoe L. Moore Center, College of Social Sciences, Florida State University

Edward P. Stringham
Kathryn Wasserman Davis Professor of Economic Organizations and Innovation and Deputy Director of the Shelby Cullom Davis Endowment, Trinity College

Joseph R. Stromberg
Independent Historian

Paul Sullivan
Professor of Economics, National Defense University

Adam B. Summers
Research Fellow, Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation, Independent Institute

Scott Sumner
Professor of Economics, Bentley University

Shirley V. Svorny
Professor Emerita of Economics, California State University, Northridge

Charles Taliaferro
Professor of Philosophy, St. Olaf College

Eric R. Taylor
Marvin & Warren Boudreaux Professor of Chemistry, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Peter A. Thiel
Founder and Managing Member, Clarium Capital Management, LLC

Mark Thornton
Senior Fellow, Ludwig von Mises Institute

Ronald L. Trowbridge
Policy Fellow

Charlotte Twight
Adjunct Fellow; Professor of Economics, Boise State University

Richard E. Wagner
Hobart R. Hobart Professor of Economics, George Mason University

William J. Watkins, Jr.
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Lawrence H. White
Professor of Economics, George Mason University

Lawrence J. White
Arthur E. Imperatore Professor of Economics, New York University

Douglas Glen Whitman
Associate Professor of Economics, California State University, Northridge

Ben Wilterdink
Research Fellow

Bruce Yandle
Alumni Distinguished Professor of Economics, Emeritus and Dean Emeritus, Clemson University

Ryan M. Yonk
Senior Research Faculty, American Institute for Economic Research

José Maria J. Yulo
Lecturer in Philosophy and Western Civilization, Academy of Art University

In Memoriam Research Fellows

George B. N. Ayittey
former President of the Free Africa Foundation and former Distinguished Economist in Residence in the Department of Economics at American University

Angelo M. Codevilla
Professor Emeritus of International Relations, Boston University

Robert H. Nelson
Professor of Environmental Policy, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

Gary M. Anderson
Professor of Economics, California State University, Northridge

Alan Day
Professor, London School of Economics

Anthony de Jasay
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

George W. Douglas
Economic Counsel, George W. Douglas and Company

Stephen P. Dresch
Former Dean, Michigan Technological University's School of Business and Engineering Administration

Antony G. N. Flew
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Reading, England

Fred E. Foldvary
Professor of Economics, Santa Clara University

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
Late Eleanore Raoul Professor of Humanities, Emory University

Lowell E. Gallaway
Edwin and Ruth Kennedy Distinguished Professor of Economics, Ohio University

Bruce L. Gardner
Late Professor of Agriculture and Resource Economics, University of Maryland

William M. Gray
Late Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University (CSU), head of the Tropical Meteorology Project at CSU, and a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society

Ronald Hamowy
Emeritus Professor of History, University of Alberta, Canada

Jack Hirshleifer
Professor of Economics, University of California, Los Angeles

Peter W. Huber
Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

M. Bruce Johnson
Founding Research Director, Independent Institute; Professor of Economics, University of California, Santa Barbara

David L. Kaserman
late Torchmark Professor of Economics, Auburn University

Don B. Kates, Jr.
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Robert E. Keleher
Chief Macroeconomist, Joint Economic Committee, U.S. Congress

Deepak K. Lal
James S. Coleman Professor of International Development Studies, University of California at Los Angeles

Cotton M. Lindsay
Professor of Economics, Clemson University

Spencer Heath MacCallum
Director, Heather Foundation

Tibor R. Machan
Professor of Philosophy, Chapman University

William F. Marina
late Professor Emeritus in History at Florida Atlantic University

Fred S. McChesney
de la Cruz-Mentschikoff Endowed Chair in Law and Economics, University of Miami

Paul W. McCracken
Edmund Ezra Day Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, Economics, and Public Policy, University of Michigan; former Chairman, President's Council of Economic Advisors

Patrick J. Michaels
Senior Fellow, Center for Energy and Environment, Competitive Enterprise Institute

William C. Mitchell
Emeritus Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon

Herbert Mohring
Professor of Economics, University of Minnesota

Cassandra Chrones Moore
Former Adjunct Fellow, Independent Institute

Mike M. Moore
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

William A. Niskanen
Chairman Emeritus and Distinguished Senior Economist, Cato Institute; former Acting Chairman, President’s Council of Economics Advisers

Carl A. Pescosolido, Jr.
President, Sequoia Enterprises

Ralph Raico
Professor Emeritus of History, Buffalo State College

William Ratliff
Research Fellow and Curator of the Americas Collection at the Hoover Institution

Nicholas Rescher
University Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh

Murray N. Rothbard
S. J. Hall Distinguished Professor of Economics, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Simon Rottenberg
Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Massachusetts

Charles K. Rowley
Professor of Economics at George Mason University; Director of the Program in Economics, Politics and the Law, James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy; and General Director of The Locke Institute

Jordan A. Schwarz
Professor of History, Northern Illinois University

Larry J. Sechrest
Professor of Economics, Sul Ross State University

Frederick Seitz
President Emeritus of Rockefeller University and former President of the National Academy of Sciences

Perry Shapiro
Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of California at Santa Barbara

Bernard H. Siegan
Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of San Diego

Julian L. Simon
Professor of Business Administration, University of Maryland

S. Fred Singer
Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia

Robert B. Stinnett
Author, Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor

Richard L. Stroup
Emeritus Professor of Economics, North Carolina State University; Professor of Economics, Montana State University

Edward C. Sullivan
Professor of Civil Engineering, California State Polytechnic University

Richard H. Timberlake, Jr.
Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Georgia

Robert D. Tollison
J. Wilson Newman Professor of Economics and BB&T Senior Fellow at Clemson University

William Tucker

Gordon Tullock
University Professor of Law and Economics and Distinguished Research Fellow, George Mason University

John T. Wenders
Professor of Economics, University of Idaho

Aaron B. Wildavsky
Class of 1940 Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley

Ze’ev Wurman
Chief Software Architect, MonolithIC 3D Inc.

Leland B. Yeager
Ludwig von Mises Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics, Auburn University

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