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The Independent Institute’s research program includes seven centers to further Independent’s scholarly and educational mission, each of which adheres to the highest peer-review standards and excellent publishing and high visibility media/communications practices.

Each center’s mission is to evaluate, refine, and propose advances that provide sound solutions to major social and economic issues. Each program comprises three broad elements: scholarly research, publications, and dissemination of findings to opinion leaders and the general public through conference and media projects.

In so doing, each center advances solutions based on scholarly understanding so that they can be evaluated not only by experts, but also by opinion leaders in the media, business, religion, and other fields, interested non-professionals who want to better understand the issues, and policy makers who seek to make intelligent choices between conflicting policy options. In other words, each center’s mission is to foster rational, objective, fact-based discourse to illuminate the actual nature of major issues and redefine and redirect public debate away from reliance on interest-group politics.

The Issues Section is the best way to find materials on our site. It allows searching by subject area, keyword, publication type, author, and date.

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