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José Maria J. Yulo
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José Maria J. Yulo

José Maria J. Yulo is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute in Oakland, Calif., and teaches philosophy and western civilization at the Academy of Art University. Dr. Yulo received his bachelor's degree in the classical liberal arts from St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, Master's degree in political communication from Emerson College in Boston, and his Ed.D. in the philosophy of education from the University of San Francisco. He has also taught at Campion College, Mission College, and Foothill College.

Dr. Yulo is the author of The Presocratic and Platonic Philosophical Influences on J.R.R. Tolkien's Epic, The Lord of the Rings. His paper, "Being, in and with, Natural Law: Exodus and Parmenides" was presented at the American Jacques Maritain Association annual meeting at the University of Notre Dame.

His articles have been published in Ignatius Insight, Review of Metaphysics, Imaginative Conservative, and University Bookman.