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Recommended Readings
Presented by Williamson M. Evers, Ph.D.

Holding that adequate background knowledge is an indispensable part of addressing today’s issues, these lists offer a comprehensive scholarly overview of salient topics. Each of the recommended readings is complimented with a brief annotation providing a key insight or notable quote regarding the item. Many of the entries are what may be considered hidden gems, or, for one reason or another, are forgotten greats that no longer receive the attention they deserve. As a dynamic list, it is worthwhile to check back frequently as the bibliographies receive regular updates.

Recommended Readings on the History of Russia and Ukraine
Recommended Readings on Education
Recommended Readings on Civil Rights
America’s national discussion on the issues of civil rights, policing, race, and the welfare state has great potential to advance “liberty and justice for all.” But our march toward this noble goal will stall unless we acquire—and act on—a deeper shared understanding of the relevant achievements that scholars have made in the fields of history, economics, law, and political philosophy. READ MORE »
Recommended Readings on the Folly of Socialism

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