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Wendy McElroy
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Wendy McElroy
Wendy McElroy is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute. Her books include the Independent Institute volumes, Liberty for Women: Freedom and Feminism in the Twenty-First Century, and Freedom, Feminism, and the State.

Her other books include Sexual Correctness, The Reasonable Woman: A Guide to Intellectual Survival, Dissenting Electorate: Those Who Refuse to Vote and the Legitimacy of Their Opposition, Queen Silver, Individualist Feminism of the Nineteenth Century, Debates of Liberty: An Overview of Individualist Anarchism, 1881-1908, and Liberty 1881-1908: A Comprehensive Index.

A contributor to numerous books, Ms. McElroy was Series Editor for Knowledge Products’ audio-tape series, The World of Philosophy, The World’s Political Hot Spots, The United States at War, and The United States Constitution, and she authored the scripts for Vindication of the Rights of Woman, The Liberator, Civil Disobedience, and Discourse on Voluntary Servitude in the Audio Classics Series. Her scripts have been narrated by George C. Scott, Harry Reasoner and Walter Cronkite. She is a contributing editor to the magazines, The Freeman, Free Inquiry, and Liberty, and the author of numerous articles in The Independent Review, Journal of Libertarian Studies, Literature of Liberty, National Review, Reason, SpinTech, Freedom Daily, Maire Claire, Penthouse, and Toronto Globe and Mail.

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