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What the Presidential Campaign Should Really Be About
America is on a suicidal fiscal and monetary trajectory.
Robinson-Patman Deserves Last Rites, Not Resurrection
Sanctions Are for Losers
While sanctions fail to change Iran’s policies, they inflict severe hardships on civilians and rally support for the regime.
More Housing Fixes (Almost) Everything
Anthony Fauci Tells Columbia Medical Students to Lie Just Like Him
They would do better to follow the rule of “first do no harm.”
Colleges Are Waging War Against Men
Lessons of the 1924 Immigration Act
America welcomes newcomers, but there are always limits.
Beware the University of California’s Parent Ploy
It aims to discriminate on the basis of status.
Second Amendment: Just in Time for the Supreme Court to Consider in Rahimi
The Ninth Circuit invalidates the felon gun ban for non-violent offenses with no Founding-era analogues.
The Anti-Woke Counterrevolution Is Spreading
A gradual move back to normalcy has become apparent.
The Radical Calculus of Campus Encampments: A Closer Look at Left-Liberal Protest Tactics
How university presidents dismantle these forcing beds of radicalism matters.
Global Climate Battle Comes to California
In the Fog of Forever War, the US No Longer Recognizes Alternatives
Why Are Both Homelessness and Homelessness Spending Growing?
Identity Politics Explained
Pathway for an Imperial Presidency
Newsom Believes the Globe Is Getting Hotter Even as California Freezes
Pro-abortion governor heads to the Vatican for a ‘climate resilience’ conference.
Why Are Economists MIA on Today’s Biggest Fiscal Catastrophes?
Getting Monetary Policy Back on Track
A Missed Off-Ramp for U.S. Venezuela Policy
American sanctions keep backfiring, so why do we keep using them?
Arizona Should Not Look to California for Housing Solutions
Biden FCC Threatens Free Speech by Restoring Internet Regulations
Regulations for net “neutrality” stifle choice and innovation.
Renters Are the Biggest Losers in Kentucky’s New Registration Law
Class War in California
Punishing students because their parents are too successful is unfair and unwise.
Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Pursues Predatory Actions
The department should have never existed in the first place.

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