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The National Debt Is over $34 Trillion. It’s Time to Tell the Truth about the U.S. Government’s Finances
The national debt is expected to reach a new record by year end—but neither party has a credible plan to address it.
The War on Terror Is Still Hamstringing U.S. Foreign Policy
Don’t Expect Trump’s All-Tariff Revenue Plan to ‘Starve the Beast’
Stiglitz: When Good Minds Seek Fools’ Favor
Grade Inflation and Campus Protests
Lack of academic rigor encourages mindless, mirthless, and militant mediocrity.
The Bad Theology of Our Israel First Foreign Policy
Educational Fakery and Anti-Semitism in the Golden State
Bump Stocks Are Not Machineguns
The Supreme Court’s Cargill ruling has broad implications.
Boosters Beware: Stadiums Aren’t Magic
Common Sense as Health Policy
So Why Won’t Gavin Newsom Put His Foot on the Brakes?
Government Failure in One Lesson
College Football Is About to Change Forever
Homelessness Isn’t Helplessness, but ‘Housing First’ Assumes It Is
Rich Students Disproportionally Play the Radical: Should We Fund Elite Universities?
Does the FBI Deserve $11.3 Billion?
Christopher Wray must answer some hard questions about the FBI’s record upholding the Constitution.
California’s New Fast-Food Minimum Wage Law Destroys Another 1,250 Jobs
Our Kids Have No Economic Immune Systems
Finding a Foreign Policy Beyond Biden and Trump
There has to be an option that would allow the US to engage and protect its interests without aggressive primacy.
Can You Trust Your Health Insurer?
Under many health plans, costs can skyrocket when a patient is hospitalized.
The Inflation Tax
A 10 percent inflation rate imposes a tax of nearly 7 percent on the real wealth of the average family.
The Military Aid Dilemma
As U.S. partners and allies increasingly make their own decisions contrary to American interests, the Biden administration should make sure that further aid comes with more strings attached.
Javier Milei Shows Newsom and Biden How It’s Done
Remember Bill Walton, Basketball Great and Homeless Policy Expert
What the Presidential Campaign Should Really Be About
America is on a suicidal fiscal and monetary trajectory.

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