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Thomas J. Grennes
Research Fellow

Thomas J. Grennes is a Research Fellow at the independent Institute and Professor Emeritus of Economics and Agricultural and Resource Economics at North Carolina State University. He was also a member of the founding faculty at the Stockholm School of Economics-Riga, in Riga, Latvia.

He is the author of the books, International Economics and Economics of World Grain Trade (with Paul Johnson and Marie Thursby), and his many articles have appeared in such scholarly journals as American Journal of Agricultural Economics; Global Economy Journal; Economics Bulletin; The World Economy; Cato Journal; International Review of Economics & Finance; Explorations in Economic History; Journal of Economic Policy Reform; Agricultural Economics; World Development; Journal of International Money and Finance; Journal of African Economies; Brazilian Review of Econometrics; Choices: The Magazine of Food, Farm, and Resource Issues; Economic Modelling; Journal of Economic History; Challenge; and Southern Economic Journal.

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