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David R. Legates

David R. Legates is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Climate Research at the University of Delaware, Associate Delaware State Climatologist, and Associate Director of the Delaware Space Grant Commission. Professor Legates received his Ph.D. in climatology from the University of Delaware, and he has taught at Louisiana State University, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Virginia. He has been Research Scientist at the Southern Regional Climate Center, Chief Research Scientist at the Center for Computational Geosciences, and Visiting Research Scientist at the National Climate Data Center. Professor Legates is the author (with W. Soon, S. Baliunas, C. Idso, and S. Idso) of the important new study, “Reconstructing Climatic and Environmental Changes of the Past 1000 Years: A Reappraisal,” in the journal Energy and Environment (v. 14, pp. 233—296).

A contributor to numerous volumes and the author of over 100 scholarly studies, Professor Legates’s articles have appeared in such journals as the International Journal of Climatology, The Professional Geographer, Journal of Geophysical Research, Journal of Environmental Hydrology, Journal of Climate, Climatic Change, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Water Resources Bulletin, Geographical Review, Global and Planetary Change, Journal of Hydrology, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, The American Cartographer, and Journal of Geophysical Research. He is a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather and Yearbook of Science and Technology.

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