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Research Articles

These articles, written by Independent Institute Research Fellows, were originally published in other publications, and are republished here. For other research articles, please see our Policy Reports, Working Papers, and The Independent Review.

Political Affiliations of Federal Reserve Economists
Emre Kuvvet | March 8, 2022

What Is the Great Reset?
Michael D. Rectenwald | February 28, 2022

The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms
The Second Amendment in the U.S. Bill of Rights

Stephen P. Halbrook | February 24, 2022

A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality
Steve H. Hanke, Jonas Herby, Lars Jonung | February 4, 2022

Automated License Plate Readers: A Study in Failure
Groundbreaking report reveals high-tech cameras fail to catch criminals or recover stolen vehicles—but stick municipal taxpayers with huge costs.

Jonathan Hofer | November 30, 2021

The Second Amendment Was Adopted to Protect Liberty, Not Slavery
A Reply to Professors Bogus and Anderson

Stephen P. Halbrook | October 12, 2021

Capitalism, Slavery, and Matthew Desmond’s Low-Road Contribution to The 1619 Project
Peter A. Coclanis | August 12, 2021

Mathematics Performance in San Francisco Unified School District
Evaluation of the Forced Uniform Math Assignment since 2014–15 Implementation

Ze’ev Wurman | August 5, 2021

Faux Histoire of the Right to Bear Arms
Young v. Hawaii

Stephen P. Halbrook | July 14, 2021

Banning America’s Rifle: An Assault on the Second Amendment?
Stephen P. Halbrook | June 30, 2021

The Chicago Boys and the Revival of Classical Liberal Economics in Chile
Axel Kaiser | June 11, 2021

The Progressive Era and the Family
Murray N. Rothbard | December 28, 2020

Infectious Diseases and Government Growth
Christopher J. Coyne, Abigail Devereaux, Nathan P. Goodman | October 6, 2020

Police Unions and Officer Privileges
Tate Fegley | August 25, 2020

A Lesson in Humility, A Lesson for Our Times: Alessandro Manzoni’s The Betrothed
Alberto Mingardi | April 27, 2020

A Better Path Forward: Re-Thinking Government Student Loans and Grants
Richard K. Vedder | April 8, 2020

To Bear Arms for Self-Defense
A “Right of the People” or a Privilege of the Few? Part 2

Stephen P. Halbrook | March 31, 2020

To Bear Arms for Self-Defense
A “Right of the People” or a Privilege of the Few? Part 1

Stephen P. Halbrook | March 23, 2020

Taking Heller Seriously
Where Has the Roberts Court Been, and Where Is it Headed, on the Second Amendment?

Stephen P. Halbrook | June 18, 2019

Benefits of the American Revolution
An Exploration of Positive Externalities

Jeffrey Rogers Hummel | July 11, 2018

The Non-Sustainability of Rwanda’s Economic Miracle
George B. N. Ayittey | October 30, 2017

The Right to Bear Arms in the Virginia Constitution and the Second Amendment
Historical Development and Precedent in Virginia and the Fourth Circuit

Stephen P. Halbrook | June 26, 2017

The Empire Strikes Back
The District of Columbia’s Post-Heller Firearm Registration System

Stephen P. Halbrook | June 26, 2017

New York’s Not So ‘SAFE’ Act
The Second Amendment in an Alice-In-Wonderland World Where Words Have No Meaning

Stephen P. Halbrook | June 26, 2017

Reality Check: The “Assault Weapon” Fantasy and Second Amendment Jurisprudence
Stephen P. Halbrook | June 26, 2017

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