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Vicki E. Alger Vicki E. Alger
Jonathan J. Bean Jonathan J. Bean
Race Issues, Civil Rights
David T. Beito David T. Beito
Regulation, Privatization, Race Issues
Bruce L. Benson Bruce L. Benson
Privatization, Crime, Urban Issues
Ivan Eland Ivan Eland
National Security, Terrorism
Bradley M. Gardner Bradley M. Gardner
International Economics
John C. Goodman John C. Goodman
Healthcare, Welfare, Taxation
Stephen P. Halbrook Stephen P. Halbrook
Constitutional Law, Gun Control
Abigail R. Hall Abigail R. Hall
Civil and Economic Liberty
Lawrence McQuillan Lawrence McQuillan
Economics, Public Pensions, Water Policy
Robert P. Murphy Robert P. Murphy
Austrian Economics, Monetary Policy, Banking Regulation
Benjamin Powell Benjamin Powell
Immigration, Poverty, Regulation
Gabriel Roth Gabriel Roth
Transportation, Privatization
William Shughart II William Shughart II
Energy, Taxation, Environment, Regulation
Randy Simmons Randy Simmons
Environment, Water, Energy
S. Fred Singer S. Fred Singer
Environment, Science, Global Warming
Mary L. G. Theroux Mary L. G. Theroux
Education, Religion, Welfare
Alvaro Vargas Llosa Alvaro Vargas Llosa
Economic Development, Immigration
William Watkins Jr. William Watkins Jr.
Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties
Robert M. Whaples Robert M. Whaples
Economics, Religion

Don’t Feel Bad About Using the Self Checkout
Art Carden | Fri, Jul. 19

The Past Is a Nice Place to Visit. You Wouldn’t Want to Live There.
Art Carden | Fri, Jul. 19

The Capitalist Achievement of Recorded Music
Art Carden | Thu, Jul. 18

How Trump Is Reforming Medicare, Part II
John C. Goodman, Lawrence J. Wedekind | Thu, Jul. 18

Trump Rolls the Dice on Sanctions and Wins...War?
Ivan Eland | Thu, Jul. 18

In a United Nations Report, a Socialist Details Venezuela’s Horrors
Alvaro Vargas Llosa | Thu, Jul. 18

News Releases
California Wildfires Stoked by Bad Practices, Perverse Incentives
Tue, Jun. 25

Independent Institute Announces New Board Member
Thu, May. 16

Rogue Presidency? New Book Shows How the House and Senate Can Restore the Republic
Wed, May. 15

New Book Shows How to Cut Costs, End Scandals, and Restore Value to American Higher Ed
Tue, Apr. 16

Independent Institute Book T.R.M. Howard Wins Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for Best Book
Tue, Apr. 9

California DMV Wins Dishonor of California Golden Fleece® Award for Its Long Lines, Criminal Fraud, and Mishandling of Core Responsibilities
Tue, Jan. 29

Taxpayers Foot the Bills for Sexual Misconduct Settlements Against California “Public Servants”
Fri, Nov. 9

Economic Freedom Up Slightly Across U.S.; California Ranks 47th in North American Index
Wed, Oct. 31

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