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Climate Change
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Education, Constitutional Law, Religion
William J. Watkins, Jr. William J. Watkins, Jr.
Constitutional Law,
Civil Liberties
Robert M. Whaples Robert M. Whaples
Economics, Religion

The Big Tease: Will the Fed Enter the Fray as the 2024 Election Draws Near?

Can We Save our Universities?
Stop giving money to elite institutions

Disinflation Dream Come True

It’s Time to Discard Piketty’s Inequality Statistics

Argentina Agonistes: The Separation of Money and State

Collegiate Fiscal Insanity in Texas

News Releases
A New Look at the New Deal and FDR’s Shredding of the Bill of Rights

Scholars Respond to the Question
“Is Social Justice Just?”
New Independent Institute book includes foreword by Jordan B. Peterson

Independent Institute Files Amicus Brief in US Supreme Court Case Impacting Workers’ Free Speech Rights

Independent Institute Furthers Work on Homelessness by Joining North America Recovers Alliance, Urging Biden’s Department of Justice to Stop Government Drug Sites

New Book In Search of Monsters to Destroy Proposes Alternatives—Fostering Peace, Prosperity
Imperialism and militarism build empires, not liberalism, says author Christopher J. Coyne

Highway Heist Solutions for America’s Crumbling Infrastructure
New book offers route to reforms instead of highway robbery

Law Enforcement Agencies Using License Plate Readers Earn California Golden Fleece® Award for Inadequate Safeguards

Independent Institute Research Director Comments on SCOTUS Restricting EPA’s Authority

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