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    New Book: How to Run Wars

    A Confidential Playbook for the National Security Elite

    No gory details are spared in this brilliant and satirical takedown of today’s national security elite. Dark, hilarious, incisive, and absolutely merciless, this is the authoritative portrait of America’s military-industrial complex.

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    New California Golden Fleece® Award

    Why are California’s Gas Prices So High?

    Gas prices in California are consistently more than 40% higher than the national average. Why? Is it oil company greed or is it the fault of politicians and regulators and their policies?
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    Recommended Readings on Anti-Semitism

    In light of events in Israel and the rise in Anti-Semitic rhetoric from the far left, Independent reiterates its commitment to peace and military non-intervention. We also condemn bigotry as antithetical to individualism. This bibliography on the history of Anti-Semitism is a reminder that collectivist causes can lead to dangerous and deadly ends. The answer to hateful speech is not censorship but to counter it with a robust defense of the dignity of all human beings.

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    New Book: The New Deal’s War on the Bill of Rights: The Untold Story of FDR’s Concentration Camps, Censorship, and Mass Surveillance

    David T. Beito unveils the many abuses of power and human rights violations that defined Roosevelt’s time in office, bringing the dark side of his administration to light.
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    Love Gov 3: The Metaverse of Madness—WATCH NOW!

    Season 3 of the Award-Winning Web Series

    With Scott “Gov” Govinsky at the helm of the post-pandemic education system, it’s a new (anything-but) normal. This is the third season of Love Gov, the comedy web series that explores how government impacts our lives.

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    CATALYST: Young Voices for Liberty

    Catalyst is our website dedicated to issues that millennials care about the most: jobs, housing costs, education, student debt, healthcare, and more. Learn, engage, and connect.

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