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Alexander T. Tabarrok
Senior Fellow

Alexander Tabarrok is Senior Fellow and former Research Director for The Independent Institute, Assistant Editor of The Independent Review, Bartley J. Madden Chair in Economics at the Mercatus Center, Co-founder of Marginal Revolution University, and Director of the Center for Study of Public Choice and Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University. He received his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University, and he has taught at the University of Virginia and Ball State University.

Co-author (with Daniel Klein) of The Independent Institute web site,, Dr. Tabarrok is the editor of The Independent Institute books, Entrepreneurial Economics: Bright Ideas from the Dismal Science (Oxford University Press), The Voluntary City: Choice, Community, and Civil Society (with David Beito and Peter Gordon, University of Michigan Press), and Changing the Guard: Private Prisons and the Control of Crime.

His papers have appeared in the Journal of Law and Economics, Public Choice, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Theoretical Politics, The American Law and Economics Review, Kyklos and many other journals. Dr. Tabarrok is an author of the monograph, An Analysis of Proposals for Constitutional Change in New Zealand and he has contributed chapters to a number of books. Dr. Tabarrok is the recipient of the Snavely Award, and he has been an Earhart Foundation Fellow and George A. and Frances Ball Foundation Fellow. Articles by Dr. Tabarrok have appeared in magazines and newspapers across the United States.

Judge and Jury 2006
Changing the Guard 2003
Entrepreneurial Economics 2002
Liberty for Women 2002
The Voluntary City 2002
Alexander Tabarrok on Three City Gun Buy-Back Event February 22, 2013
‪Tabarrok on Debt and Imprisonment‬ April 20, 2012
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Alex Tabarrok on America’s Radio News Network January 14, 2013
Alex Tabarrok: Launching the Innovation Renaissance December 9, 2011
Alex Tabarrok Interviewed on Freakonomics Radio: The Economics of Bounty Hunting May 26, 2011
Private Solutions for Reducing Road Congestion, Fuel Costs, Travel Time, and Waste September 28, 2006

Private Solutions for Reducing Road Congestion, Fuel Costs, Travel Time, and Waste: Based on the new book, STREET SMART: Competition, Entrepreneurship and the Future of Roads September 28, 2006
Entrepreneurial Economics for Fun, Profit and a Better, Freer World May 3, 2002
Common Law, Merchant Law, and Democratic Legislation February 18, 2001
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Independent Review Articles
Premature Imitation and India’s Flailing State Fall 2019
The Global Organ Shortage Fall 2013
The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Privateers Spring 2007
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Commentary Articles
Tuning In to Dropping Out March 4, 2012
The Innovation Nation vs. the Warfare-Welfare State January 26, 2012
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Open Letter
Open Letter on Immigration June 19, 2006
Arguments for Federalism September 20, 2001
Immigration Integration May 24, 2001
The “War on Drugs” is a War on People October 30, 2000
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Research Articles
The Blessed Monopolies December 1, 2001
Monopolies for Children? Pediatric Exclusivity and the Orphan Drug Act December 13, 2000
Working Papers
Do Off-Label Drug Practices Argue Against FDA Efficacy Requirements? October 2, 2003
The Anomaly of Off-Label Drug Prescriptions November 1, 1999
Runaway Judges? Selection Effects and the Jury September 2, 1999
The Effect of Electoral Institutions on Tort Awards September 1, 1999

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