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Posted: Wed. June 19, 2024, 1:30pm PT

Some 88 years ago, an economist and concerned citizen by the name of Bruce Knight published a book, How to Run a War, to warn essentially, about Washington’s ability to marshal all of the tools of the federal government to mobilize the nation for war. Written in a highly ironic tone, Knight was drawing on the history of the first World War in anticipation of the growing push for conflict in Europe, which as we know, happened, and probably beyond Knight’s wildest nightmares, in terms of costs and scope and existential crisis.

Our guests today, professors Christopher Coyne and Abigail Hall, have co-authored two previous books on the issue of the national security state, including Manufacturing Militarism and Tyranny Comes Home. Their new one is a fresh take on Knight’s 1936 book, entitled How to Run Wars, which is being released this week. It is as pertinent as ever, as national security elites know they must control the narrative, the media, dissent, the purse strings and more to ensure the public’s support for Washington’s security policies — no matter how wrong they are.

Posted: Wed. June 19, 2024, 1:04pm PT

Former Trump White House COVID adviser Dr. Scott Atlas shreds Dr. Anthony Fauci's legacy on 'The Ingraham Angle.'

Posted: Sat. June 15, 2024, 7:25am PT

Joe Biden says recent Supreme Court rulings on the Second Amendment are dangerous. Hunter Biden could rely on those rulings to appeal his gun conviction. What’s going on here? Also, will young voters love President Biden because he’s going after Ticketmaster while forgiving their student loans? And is it undemocratic for California voters to get to vote on the tax increases they’ll pay? Graham Walker, Phillip Magness, and Williamson Evers discuss all this and more on this episode of Independent Outlook.

Posted: Wed. June 12, 2024, 11:09am PT

“You can't have sound money without sound finances,” says Judy Shelton, monetary economist, author of “Money Meltdown,” and former economic advisor to Donald Trump. In an exclusive interview with Daniela Cambone, Shelton explains the rationale behind a gold standard argument, detailing how issuing a gold-backed bond may be the pathway to it. “I don't know how people talk about free trade without addressing currency gyrations and how they impact trade,” she says. Additionally, she warns that the fate of the U.S. may be similar to what happened to the Soviet Union with insurmountable debt. “Is the US still going to be here in 50 years? At the rate of the unsustainability in terms of the fiscal and monetary situation that you opened with, I don't see how.” Tune in for this insightful discussion on the future of the U.S. economy and the potential return to a gold standard.

Posted: Fri. June 7, 2024, 4:15pm PT

Why are all the campus protests so ideologically one-sided? Was Claudine Gay the tip of the iceberg on plagiarism? Is scientific objectivity passé among the faculty? And will all this educational malpractice lead to financial problems that will put colleges out of business?

Posted: Thu. May 30, 2024, 9:56pm PT

Dr. Atlas interviews Harmeet Dhillon, a nationally recognized attorney whose focus is employment law, First Amendment rights, election law and commercial litigation. She is a trial lawyer and the managing partner at Dhillon Law Group in San Francisco. She's also CEO and founder of the Center for American Liberty and the co-chair of the Republican National Lawyers Association. They have a wide-ranging conversation about key issues like free speech, the current state of our system of justice and its politicization, and separation of powers essential to our government's function.

Posted: Thu. May 23, 2024, 1:32pm PT

Campuses are overtaken by protest encampments, Jewish students are targeted, and higher ed leaders can’t manage to condemn antisemitism while protecting free speech. But the problems go deeper—like the plagiarism that university faculty would never tolerate in their students. On other fronts, what’s up with all these bans on lab-grown meat? And does the Biden administration understand how money works? Graham Walker, Phillip Magness, and Williamson Evers discuss all this and more on this episode of Independent Outlook.

Posted: Thu. May 16, 2024, 10:01am PT

Economist and author Phil Magness debunks a recent New York Times piece and shoddy academic work about the rich and their taxes. Phil Magness—an economic historian, author, and the David J. Theroux Chair in Political Economy at the Independent Institute—says the work of Piketty and his circle of inequality-obsessed colleagues is deeply flawed and sometimes outright deceptive. He points out that billionaires do pay taxes...a lot of taxes. And the inequality literature is riddled with errors and bad statistics. Learn more on