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Lowell E. Gallaway

Lowell E. Gallaway (1930-2019) was Distinguished Professor of Economics and Faculty Associate in the Contemporary History Institute at Ohio University. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Ohio State University and he has been Staff Economist at the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress; Chief, Analytic Studies Section at the Social Security Administration; Visiting Professor at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), University of Minnesota, University of New South Wales, University of Texas (Arlington), and Lund University; Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania; and Assistant Professor at San Fernando Valley State College and Colorado State University.

Having authored forty monographs and more than 200 articles and reviews in scholarly journals, Professor Gallaway is also the author of the books, Manpower Economics; Interindustry Labor Mobility in the United States, 1957 to 1960; Geographic Labor Mobility in the United States, 1957 to 1960; Poverty in America; Poverty, Income Distribution, the Family and Public Policy (with Richard Vedder); and Out of Work: Unemployment and Government in Twentieth-Century America (with Richard Vedder).

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