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Christopher J. Coyne
Senior Fellow and Co-Editor, The Independent Review
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Christopher J. Coyne is Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute and Co-Editor of The Independent Review, Professor of Economics and Director of Graduate Programs for the Department of Economics at George Mason University, Co-Editor of the Review of Austrian Economics, and Book Review Editor at Public Choice. He received his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University. He has taught at the University of West Virginia and Hampden-Sydney College, and he has been the Hayek Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Visiting Scholar at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center at Bowling Green State University.

His books include Manufacturing Militarism: U.S. Government Propaganda in the War on Terror (with Abigail R. Hall); The Economics of Conflict and Peace: History and Applications (with Shikha Basnet Silwal, Charles H, Anderton, Jurgen Brauer and J. Paul Dunne); Defense, Peace, and War Economics; Tyranny Comes Home: The Domestic Fate of U.S. Militarism (with Abigail R. Hall); The Essential Austrian Economics (with Peter J. Boettke); Doing Bad by Doing Good: Why Humanitarian Action Fails; After War: The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy; Media, Development, and Institutional Change (with Peter T. Leeson); and Context Matters: Entrepreneurship and Institutions (with Peter J. Boettke).

Professor Coyne is also a contributing author in over 30 volumes and over 150 articles and reviews in scholarly journals. And, his edited books include In All Fairness: Equality, Liberty, and the Quest for Human Dignity (with Robert M. Whaples and Michael C. Munger); Interdisciplinary Studies of the Political Order: New Applications of Public Choice Theory (with Donald Boudreaux and Bobbi Herzberg); Exploring the Political Economy & Social Philosophy of James M. Buchanan (with Paul Dragos Aligica and Stefanie Haeffele); Interdisciplinary Studies of the Market Order: New Applications of Market Process Theory (with Peter J. Boettke and Virgil H. Storr); Future: Economic Peril or Prosperity? (with Robert M. Whaples and Michael C. Munger); The Oxford Handbook on Austrian Economics (with Peter J. Boettke); Flaws and Ceilings: Price Controls and the Damage They Cause (with Rachel Coyne); and The Handbook on the Political Economy of War (with Rachel L. Mathers).

His popular articles have appeared in such publications as the The Hill, Daily News, Boston Review, Fraser Forum, Detroit News, Cedar Rapids Gazette, Lafayette Journal & Courier, Herald Times Reporter, Des Moines Register, Green Bay Press Gazette, Shreveport Times, and Muscatine (IA) Journal.

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