Issue: COVID-19

The Power of Independent Thinking

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began it became clear that the virus was nowhere near as dangerous or deadly as government officials, mainstream journalists, and the public health establishment claimed.

Unfortunately, the government’s response to the disease turned into a major overreach that caused profound damage to citizens of every age, race, religion, and background. Since the start of the pandemic, the Independent Institute has explored the effects of the government’s response—both the nature of the overreach and the ways in which the media, corporations, the scientific community, and unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats helped make such a shocking and unconstitutional breach of power possible.

For those who lived through it, it is impossible to forget all the misinformation and hysterical screeds knowingly peddled by those in power. The danger of the virus was exaggerated to the point of deceit. Draconian lockdowns and mask mandates were praised by pundits and politicians and backed by law enforcement, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of their ineffectiveness at stopping the virus. Blatantly unconstitutional vaccine mandates forced working Americans to choose between their livelihood and bodily autonomy. The Independent Institute is committed to ensuring that no such abuse of power ever happens again.

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