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Abigail Devereaux
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Abigail Devereaux is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute as well as a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Economic Growth and Assistant Professor of Economics in the W. Frank Barton Business School at Wichita State University. She earned her Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University (GMU), winning the Israel M. Kirzner Award for Best Dissertation in Austrian Economics. While she was at GMU, she was a Ph.D. fellow at the Mercatus Center and a visiting Ph.D. fellow at New York University’s Economics department and the Classical Liberal Institute.

Dr. Devereaux received her M.A. degree in mathematics and B.A. in physics from Boston University. She re-entered academia after seven years in high tech, where she worked as a Technical Project Manager at Wolfram Research, and helped run their Complex Systems Summer School.

Her articles and reviews have appeared in such scholarly journals as the Journal of Institutional Economics, Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, The Independent Review, Review of Austrian Economics, The American Economist, Journal of Private Enterprise, Complex Systems, and Public Choice.

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