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Charles Taliaferro
Charles Taliaferro

Charles Taliaferro is Professor of Philosophy at St. Olaf College and Research Fellow, Associate Editor for The Independent Review, and a member of the Board of Advisors for the Center on Culture and Civil Society at the Independent Institute. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Brown University.

Professor Taliaferro has been Visiting Fellow, Princeton University; Visiting Scholar, New York University; Visiting Scholar, Columbia University; Faculty Visitor, Oriel College, University of Oxford; Instructor, University of Notre Dame; Instructor, University of Massachusetts, Boston; Visiting Fellowship, St. John’s College, University of Durham; Centenary Fellow, Scots Philosophical Club, Scotland; and Book Review Editor for Faith and Philosophy. He has lectured at Oxford University, Cambridge University, Yale University, Princeton University, University of St. Andrews (Scotland), New York University, University of Chicago, Gregorian University (Rome), Beijing University (China), and elsewhere. He is also on the editorial boards of the American Philosophical Quarterly, Religious Studies, Philosophy Compass, Sophia, Religious Studies Review, Ars Disputandi, and Continuum Studies, and he currently serves on the American Philosophical Association Committee on Lectures and Publications.

He has contributed to numerous scholarly volumes and journals, and his books include The Routledge Companion to Theism (edited with Victoria Harrison and Stewart Goetz); Aesthetics: A Beginners Guide; A Short History of the Soul (with Stewart Goetz); Imagination and God; A New Book of Nature (edited with Jil Evans); The Image in Mind (with Jil Evans); The Cambridge Companion to Christian Philosophical Theology (edited with Chad Meister); The Golden Cord: A Short Book on Eternity; A Dictionary in Philosophy of Religion (with Elsa Marty); A Companion to Philosophy of Religion (edited with Paul Draper); Philosophy of Religion: A Beginners Guide; Dialogues About God; Naturalism (with Stewart Goetz); Evidence and Faith; Praying with C.S. Lewis; Love, Love, Love; Philosophy and Religion Since the Seventeenth Century; Cambridge Platonist Spirituality (edited with Alison J. Tepley); Philosophy of Religion Reader (edited with Paul Griffiths); Contemporary Philosophy of Religion; A Companion to Philosophy of Religion (edited with Philip Quinn); and Consciousness and the Mind of God.