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Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Thomas J. DiLorenzo is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, former Professor of Economics at Loyola University in Maryland, Senior Fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and Associate at the Abbeville Institute. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and he has taught at the State University of New York at Buffalo, George Mason University, and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Professor DiLorenzo is the author of numerous books, including Hamilton's Curse: How Jefferson's Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution; Lincoln Unmasked: What You're Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe; How Capitalism Saved America: The Untold History of Our Country from the Pilgrims to the Present; The Real Lincoln: A New Look a Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War; From Pathology to Politics: Public Health in America (with James T. Bennett); The Food and Drink Police: America's Nannies, Busybodies, and Petty Tyrants (with James T. Bennett); Underground Government: The Off-budget Public Sector (with James T. Bennett); Unfair Competition: The Profits of Nonprofits (with James T. Bennett); and CancerScam: The Diversion of Federal Cancer Funds for Politics (with James T. Bennett).

His articles have appeared in such scholarly journals as Public Finance Quarterly, The Independent Review, Review of Austrian Economics, and Public Choice.

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