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Roger E. Meiners

Roger E. Meiners is the John and Judy Goolsby and E.M. (Manny) Rosenthal Chair in Economics and Law at the University of Texas at Arlington, Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, Fellow of the George W. Bush Institute, and Senior Fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center. Having received his Ph.D. in economics from Virginia Tech and J.D. from the University of Miami, he has served as Director of the Center for Policy Studies at Clemson University, a faculty member at Texas A & M University and Emory University, Director of the Atlanta Regional Office of the Federal Trade Commission, Associate Director of the Law and Economics Center at Emory University, and a Member of the South Carolina Insurance Commission.

He has published articles on law and economics in various popular and scholarly journals, such as Environmental Law, and is co-editor of several books including Taking the Environment Seriously (with Bruce Yandle), Who Owns the Environment (with P. J. Hill), The Common Law and the Environment (with Andrew Morriss), Government vs. Environment (with Donald Leal), and The False Promise of Green Energy (with Andrew Morriss and William T. Bogart).

Faulty Towers (Author) 2004
Cutting Green Tape (Editor) 2000
The Academy in Crisis (Contributor) 1995
Regulation and the Reagan Era (Editor) 1989
Forests for the People, Not Politicians December 1, 2003
Research Articles
The Green Scare May 1, 1999
The Common Law Solution to Water Pollution April 1, 1992

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