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Here Is How the FDA Made the RSV Wave More Dangerous
Tuesday December 6, 2022 | Raymond J. March

Forget Covid-19 and Monkeypox. Respiratory syncytial virus (often shortened to RSV) may be the biggest public health threat this season. RSV is a virus that often results in mild cold-like symptoms for many infected adults. However, it can be deadly for children. RSV is estimated to be responsible for 1 out of 50 children’s deaths globally and 1 out of 56 deaths for children in developed countries. (more…)

Burke’s Scattered Hints Concerning Philosophy and Learning
Monday December 5, 2022 | Daniel B. Klein

Born in 1729, Edmund Burke was in his twenties during the 1750s. Some of his notes from that period were collected in a slim volume called A Note-Book of Edmund Burke, edited by H.V.F. Somerset and published in 1957. An essay in the volume is “Several Scattered Hints Concerning Philosophy and Learning Collected Here from My Papers,” now republished online (more…)

How We Recraft Dr. Fauci’s Position Matters So Much
Friday December 2, 2022 | K. Lloyd Billingsley

After more than fifty years in government and 38 years as head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci is finally heading for the door. Raymond J. March contends that deciding Fauci’s replacement is an important matter. His replacement will mean little without key reforms to Fauci’s position.  (more…)

Klaus Schwab Proclaims China a “Role Model” for Many Nations.
Thursday December 1, 2022 | K. Lloyd Billingsley

China is a “role model” for many countries, according to World Economic Forum (WEF) boss Klaus Schwab, in a recent interview with Chinese state media. “I think we should be very careful in imposing systems,” Schwab added, “but the Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries.”  (more…)

Why Does Dr. Fauci’s Replacement Matter So Much?
Wednesday November 30, 2022 | Raymond J. March

Cases of Covid-19, RSV, and the Flu are all rising across the country. While some predicted Covid would become seasonal, RSV and Flu cases are rising quicker and earlier than many expected. Hospitalizations from both RSV and the Flu are also the highest they’ve been in a decade. Together, this wave of illness has been named the “tridemic.”  (more…)

How California Is Burning a $100 Billion Surplus
Monday November 28, 2022 | Craig Eyermann

What’s wrong with California’s state government leaders? (more…)

Spielberg Chooses Art Over Biography to Elevate The Fabelmans
Monday November 28, 2022 | Samuel R. Staley

After making 37 movies, Steven Spielberg could be excused for making a self-indulgent movie. As an aspiring filmmaker in an age when most people saw “moving pictures” as entertainment and not real art, he would naturally feel out of step. Now, with his movies grossing $10 billion, Spielberg works from a platform that would allow him to tell a straightforward biographical story of a young Jewish kid growing up to become an auteur filmmaker. It would probably make money, too. (more…)

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