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Staff and Editorial Board

The Independent Review features new, pathbreaking, and non-politicized articles and reviews by many of the world’s finest scholars and policy experts in economics, law, history, political science, philosophy, sociology, and other fields. Probing the most difficult and pressing of social and economic questions, The Independent Review uniquely features in-depth examinations of current policy issues viewed in comprehensive historical, ethical and economic perspectives.

The Independent Review’s contents are interesting, informative, wide-ranging, and based on solid scholarship. The Independent Review authors represent a variety of disciplines, intellectual traditions, and ideological perspectives, and articles and reviews that range across the social sciences and related fields. Undaunted and uncompromising, this is the journal that is pioneering future debate.

Founding Publisher David J. Theroux, Independent Institute
Editor Robert M. Whaples, Wake Forest University
Co-Editors Christopher J. Coyne, George Mason University
Gregory J. Robson, Iowa State University
Diana W. Thomas, Creighton University
Founding Editor Robert Higgs
Public Affairs Counsel Christopher B. Briggs, Independent Institute
Publications Manager George L. Tibbitts, Independent Institute
Assistant Editors Ivan Eland, Independent Institute
Williamson M. Evers, Independent Institute
Lawrence J. McQuillan, Independent Institute
Graham H. Walker, Independent Institute
Copy Editor Annie M. Barva
Online Manager Paul J. Theroux, Independent Institute
Associate Editors Jonathan Bean, Southern Illinois University
Donald J. Boudreaux, George Mason University
Price V. Fishback, University of Arizona
Roger W. Garrison, Auburn University
Peter G. Klein, Baylor University
Phillip W. Magness, American Institute for Economic Research
James R. Otteson, University of Notre Dame
Charles Taliaferro, St. Olaf College
T. Hunt Tooley, Austin College
Contributing Editors Lee J. Alston, University of Indiana
Herman Belz, University of Maryland
Bruce L. Benson, Florida State University
James W. Ely, Jr., Vanderbilt University
Steve H. Hanke, Johns Hopkins University
Randall G. Holcombe, Florida State University
Timur Kuran, Duke University
Richard Langlois, University of Connecticut
Gary D. Libecap, University of California, Santa Barbara
Loren E. Lomasky, Bowling Green State University
Gene Smiley, Marquette University
Charlotte Twight, Boise State University
Richard K. Vedder, Ohio University
Board of Advisors Barton J. Bernstein, Stanford University
Peter J. Boettke, George Mason University
Robert W. Crandall, Brookings Institution
Stanley Engerman, University of Rochester
Richard A. Epstein, University of Chicago
Lloyd C. Gardner, Rutgers University
Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution
Deirdre N. McCloskey, University of Illinois, Chicago
Geoffrey P. Miller, New York University
June O’Neill, Baruch College, The City University of New York
Karl-Dieter Opp, University of Leipzig
Nicholas Rescher, University of Pittsburgh
Daniel N. Robinson, Georgetown University and Oxford University
Pascal Salin, University of Paris
William F. Shughart II, Independent Institute and Utah State University
Vernon L. Smith, Chapman University
Ulrich Witt, Max Planck Institute
Bruce Yandle, Clemson University

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