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Pascal Salin
Pascal Salin

Pascal Salin is Professor of Economics at the Université Paris-Dauphine and Advisory Board Member of the Independent Institute. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the Université Paris-Dauphine and he is past President of the Mont Pèlerin Society, a Knight of the Légion d'Honneur, and an Officer of the Ordre National du Mérite.

He has been a consultant to the International Monetary Fund, government of Niger, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and Harvard Institute for International Development. And, his books include Tax Tyranny; Currency Competition and Monetary Union; Competition, Coordination and Diversity: From the Firm to Economic Integration; L'ordre monétaire Mondial; La vérité sur la monnaie; Macroéconomie; Libre-échange et Protectionnisme; Competition and Free Trade; La Tyrannie Fiscale; Le Vrai Libéralisme; Droite et Gauche Unies dans l’Erreur; La concurrence; L'Arbitraire Fiscal ou Comment Sortir de la Crise; and Liberalism.