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Graham H. Walker

Graham H. Walker is President of the Independent Institute, where he hosts the online broadcasts Independent Outlook and Independent Conversations, and where he also serves as Assistant Editor for The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy. He earned the Ph.D. in law and political theory from the University of Notre Dame (where he studied with Gerhart Niemeyer), the Diplôme in international security studies from the Institut Universitaire de Hautes Études Internationales (Geneva, Switzerland; where he studied with Philippe Braillard), and the B.A. in history from Houghton College (NY). He was an executive education Fellow of the Presidio Institute in San Francisco.

Dr. Walker was a member of the standing faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and at The Catholic University of America. He served as a Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, NJ) and at the American Enterprise Institute where he was special assistant to economist Michael Novak. Subsequently he was Dean and VP for Academic Affairs at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, and then served as President and CEO of Patrick Henry College for nearly nine years. He maintains an affiliation as Senior Research Scholar with the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton.

He is the author of the books, Moral Foundations of Constitutional Thought and The Ethics of F.A. Hayek, plus numerous papers and articles in such publications as Public Discourse, National Review, Los Angeles Times, Nomos, The Review of Politics, and the Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law.

Dr. Walker is a member of the board of directors for the Institute on Religion and Democracy and the C.S. Lewis Society of California, and he has been on the board of trustees of Uganda Christian University Partners, Trinity Christian School (Fairfax, VA), and Houghton College. He has also been a Pew Charitable Trusts Research Fellow and Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellow. He is a member of the Philadelphia Society and the American Political Science Association. He also belongs to Los Californianos (a historic association of Hispanic ancestry in Alta California prior to 1848); his ancestry includes lineal descent from Spanish settlers who arrived in San Francisco in 1776 with the De Anza party, and he has a long family history in San Francisco, Berkeley, Sonoma, and San Ramon, California.

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