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Robert W. Crandall

Robert W. Crandall is Senior Fellow in Economic Studies at Brookings Institution and former Chairman of Criterion Economics. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Northwestern University, and he has served as Acting, Deputy and Assistant Director of the Council on Wage and Price Stability; and Faculty Member at George Washington University, Northwestern University, University of Maryland, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

His books include Competition and Chaos: U.S. Telecommunications Since the 1996 Act; Should We Regulate High-Speed Internet Access? (edited with James Alleman); Who Pays for “Universal Service”? (with Leonard Waverman); Talk is Cheap: The Promise of Regulatory Reform in North American Telecommunications (with Leonard Waverman); Cable TV: Regulation or Competition? (with Harold Furchtgott-Roth); The Extra Mile: Rethinking Energy Policy for Automotive Transportation (with Pietro Nivola); After the Breakup: The U.S. Telecommunications Sector in a More Competitive Era; Manufacturing on the Move; Changing the Rules: Technological Change, International Competition, and Regulation in Communications (with Kenneth Flamm).

Dr. Crandall's expertise is in antitrust policy, automobile industry, environmental policy, industrial organization, regulation and deregulation, steel industry, and telecommunications.

Regulation and the Reagan Era (Foreword) 1989

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