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Vincent J. Geloso
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Vincent J. Geloso is an assistant professor of economics at George Mason University who obtained his Ph.D. in economic history from the London School of Economics. He was previously postdoctoral fellow at Texas Tech University and assistant professor of economics at King's University College and Bates College.

He specializes in the measurement of living standards today and in the distant past and in economic history. His scholarly articles have been published in Public Choice, Economic Inquiry, Canadian Journal of Economics Explorations in Economic History, European Review of Economic History, Contemporary Economic Policy and Southern Economic Journal. He is also the author of over some 200 popular articles in theJournal de Montréal, Journal de Québec, National Post, Toronto Sun, Vancouver Sun, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Gazette, Le Devoir, La Presse, Le Soleil, and Huffington Post Québec.

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