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The Independent Institute works with a variety of scholars and policy analysts. To arrange interviews with our experts, please contact the Public Affairs Department. View by Topic

Dominick T. Armentano   Antitrust, Competition, Monopoly, Entrepreneurship, Regulation and Deregulation
David T. Beito   Civil and Economic Liberties, Money and Banking, Taxation, Urban Issues, War and Peace, Welfare and Charity
Daniel K. Benjamin   Health and Safety Regulation, Environment, Legal Liability, Privatization
Bruce L. Benson   Criminal Justice, Environmental Issues, Legal Liability, Policing, Prisons and Corrections. Privatization. Taxes and Public Finance, War On Drugs
Donald J. Boudreax   Antitrust, Competition, Monopoly, Illicit Drug Policy, Regulation, Entrepreneurship, Taxation
Thomas DiLorenzo   Government Growth, Legal Liability, Philanthropy and Charity, Policing and Criminal Justice, Prisons and Corrections, Privatization, Taxation and Public Finance, War and Peace, War On Drugs
Donald A. Downs   Academic Freedom, Civil Liberties, First Amendment, Higher Education, Political Correctness, Speech Codes
Ivan Eland   Arms Control, Civil Liberties, Defense Economics, Foreign Aid, Foreign Policy and National Security, Government Growth, Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Weapons, World Trade
Richard Epstein   Civil and Contract Law, Takings and Eminent Domain, Taxation, Corporate Law, Business Regulation. Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence, Legal History, Privacy Law, Tort Law, Complex Litigation, Political Theory, Property Rights, Taxation
Fred Foldvary   Economic Issues, Privatization, Regulation and Deregulation, Taxation and Public Finance, Transportation Economics and Policy, Social Ethics, Real Estate Economics
H.E. Frech   Health Care Economics, Regulation, Competition, Monopoly, Insurance, Industrial Organization, Land Use Controls
Peter Gordon   Economic Policy, Environmental Issues, Land Use Planning, Privatization, Transportation, Urban Development and Economics
David D. Haddock   Environment, Native American Issues, Legal Liability
Stephen P. Halbrook   Constitutional Law, the Bill of Rights, Second Amendment and Gun Control
Ronald Hamowy   Healthcare (Medical Profession and Programs), Economics (F.A. Hayek and Spontaneous Order), Foreign Policy (Canada)
Steve H. Hanke   Argentina and Latin America, Balkans, Currency Regimes and Capital Controls, International Economics and Development, International Monetary Policy, Foreign Aid, World Trade
Robert Higgs   Defense Economic, Economic Issues, Environmental Issues, FDA and Healthcare, Privatization, Property Rights, Race Issues, Regulation and Deregulation, War and Peace
Randall G. Holcombe   Constitutional Law, Philanthropy, Privatization, Regulation and Deregulation, Taxation and Public Finance, Urban Issues
Jeffrey Rogers Hummel   Constitution/Bill of Rights (History), Government Growth, Property Rights, War and Peace, Defense Policy, Economics: Macro, History, Banking, Money, Business Cycles
David Isenberg Military, Foreign Policy, National and International Security
Gail Jensen   Healthcare Economics, Medical Insurance Regulation
Don B. Kates, Jr.   The Bill of Rights, Civil Liberties, Gun control, The Second Amendment, Victimless crimes
Daniel Klein   Consumer Protection, Toll Roads, Urban Transit, Auto Emissions, Credit Reporting, The Food and Drug Administration, Regulation and Deregulation
Michael I. Krauss   Products Liability, Affirmative Action, Tort Law, Medical Malpractice, Legal Ethics
Dwight R. Lee   Environmental Economics, Education, Political Decision Making, Law and Economics, Labor Economics, World Trade
Pierre Lemieux   The Right To Keep and Bear Arms, Civil Liberties, Individual Rights, Nanny State and Public Health, Victimless Crimes, Insider Trading, Anarcho-Capitalist and Libertarian Political Theory
Stan J. Liebowitz   Antitrust, Competition, Monopoly, High Technology, Information Networks, Intellectual Property Rights
Tibor R. Machan   Civil Liberties, Business Ethics, Legal Liability, Property Rights
Stephen E. Margolis   Antitrust, Competition, Monopoly, High Technology, Information Networks, Intellectual Property Rights
William Marina Civil Liberties, Education, Government Growth and Power, Guerilla Movements and War, Latin America, U.S. Defense and Foreign Policy
Fred S. McChesney   Business and Corporate Law, Special Interest Politics, Property Rights, Regulation and Deregulation, Antitrust and Competition
Wendy McElroy   Affirmative Action, Children’s and Parents’ Rights, Civil Liberties, Economic Issues, Education, Pornography and First Amendment, Privatization, War and Peace, Women’s Issues
Roger E. Meiners   Criminal Justice, Economic Policy, Environmental Issues, Higher Education, Land Use, Legal Liability, Privatization, Regulation and Deregulation
John Merrifield   Cost-Benefit Analysis, Economics, Project Impact Assessment, Environment, Protectionism, State and Local Taxation
Robert J. Michaels   Antitrust, Competition, Monopoly, Electricity, Natural Gas, Energy Regulation
Jeffrey A. Miron   The War on Drugs, Crime
Mike Moore   Military Weaponization of Space, Arms Control, Cold War History
Michael A. Morrisey   Health Care Economics and Policy, Regulation and Deregulation
Andrew P. Morriss   Agriculture, Air Pollution, Legal Liability, Meat Safety, Privatization, Regulation and Deregulation, Transportation Economics and Policy, War On Drugs
Robert Nelson   Environmental Policy, Public Land, Land Use
Randal O’Toole   Environment
Charles V. Peña Arms Control, Defense Economics, Foreign Policy and National Security, Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Weapons
Ben Powell Economic Policy, Free Trade, Housing
Adam Pritchard   Asset Forfeiture, Legal Liability, Taxes and Public Finance
Sheldon Richman   Public Education, Taxation , Regulation, Foreign Policy
Paul Craig Roberts   Criminal Justice, Intellectual Property Rights, Legal Liability, Regulation and Deregulation, Taxation and Public Finance, War and Peace
Robert A. Rogowsky   International Trade
Gabriel Roth   Privatization, Regulation and Deregulation, Transportation Economics and Policy
Paul H. Rubin   International Trade, Competition, and Regulation, Contract Law, Consumer Protection, Economic Issues, Health Care Issues, Legal Liability, Property Right, Regulation and Deregulation, World Trade
Randall R. Rucker   Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use
Larry J. Sechrest   Monetary Theory, Business Cycles, Law and Economics, Economic History, Maritime History
William F. Shughart II   Antitrust and Competition, Economics and Interest Group Politics, Regulation and Deregulation, Taxation and Public Finance
Randy Simmons   Environment, Endangered Species, Land Use, Politics, Privatization
S. Fred Singer   Energy Policy, Environmental Issues, Global Warming and Climate Science, Regulation and Deregulation
John W. Sommer   Economic Development, Higher Education, Science Policy, Privatization
Shirley V. Svorny   Education, Health Care Economics and Policy, Regulation and Deregulation, Urban Issues
Alex Tabarrok   Civil Liberties, Civil Justice, FDA, Crime, Criminal Justice, Prisons, Corrections, Education, Healthcare, Tort Law, Elections, Voting, Privatization, Intellectual Property Rights
Mark Thornton   Illicit Drug Policy, Alcohol, Money and Banking, Taxation
Charlotte Twight   Civil Liberties, Privacy, Government Growth, Special-Interest Politics, Defense Economics
Alvaro Vargas Llosa   Civil and Economic Liberties, Economic Development, Latin America, Privatization, Regulation and Deregulation, War On Drugs, World Trade
Richard K. Vedder   Economic Issues, Education, Employment and Labor, Fiscal Policy, Immigration, Privatization, Regulation and Deregulation, Taxation and Public Finance
William J. Watkins, Jr.   Civil Liberties, Patriot Act, Federalism, American Revolution, Healthcare
John T. Wenders   Regulatory Economics, Telecommunications, Public Education, Electric Power, Urban Water, Antitrust
Lawrence H. White   Economic History, Money and Banking
Douglas Glen Whitman   Alcohol Regulation, Competition Monopoly, Economic Policy, Regulation and Deregulation
Bruce Yandle   Antitrust and Competition, Economic Issues, Land Use, Environmental Issues, Legal Liability, Privatization, Special-Interest Politics, Taxation and Public Finance

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