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News Release
January 24, 2024

New Season of “Love Gov” Satirical Video Series Lambastes Government Control over Schools
Season 3—"The Metaverse of Madness"

Oakland, CA—Season 3 of the Independent Institute’s satirical YouTube video series Love Gov debuts The Metaverse of Madness following Scott “Gov” Govinsky’s tyrannical takeover every aspect of the public school system. From virtual learning, to teacher’s unions, Gov wants to control—and surveil—every function of education.

In five episodes, The Metaverse of Madness shows the folly of remote learning through the eyes—and VR headset—of Rose, a mother and teacher who navigates the new normal of her school and its effect on her son, Archie. Rose and her fellow teachers are hounded by Gov’s radical regulations making learning a literal joke.

Love Gov’s previous two seasons hilariously exposed some the problems facing young people and families. In season one From First Date to Mandate, and season two A Crisis Not to Waste, the Love Gov series has garnered millions of views on YouTube, bringing the intrusiveness of government policies in healthcare, housing, student loans, privacy, and underemployment to light for a millennial audience. Independent’s Catalyst website reflects similar principles to millennials.

Making fun of the woke culture, The Metaverse of Madness continues the saga of the overbearing Gov, who seems to lurk everywhere in the lives of citizens, even creating his own currency, while he uses Marxist ideology to indoctrinate and dominate everything he can.

“Using humor and satire, we’re reaching a modern audience that is reeling from government control in the wake of the Covid pandemic lockdowns, inflation, soaring housing costs, and high taxes. We can develop solutions by empowering individuals and demonstrating how group-think can stifle entrepreneurial ideas,” said Independent Institute Chairman and CEO Mary L. G. Theroux.

The award-winning Love Gov video series is produced by the Independent Institute in association with Emergent Order, a Texas-based production company empowering individuals with freedom and the discovery of the universal human dignity in all of us.

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