In this declaration of independence from a “Forced Universal Vaccination Policy,” we hold these truths to be evident:

SARS-CoV-2 appears to be a bioweapon genetically engineered at the Wuhan Institute of Virology using gain-of-function technologies transferred to China by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Health bureaucracy and funded in part by both NIH and the threat mitigation branch of the Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

China’s virus has killed millions, undermined the economies of China’s rivals and destabilized Western-style democracies through panicky authoritarian measures such as vaccine passports, economic lockdowns and mask/vaccination mandates.

No vaccine exists capable of eradicating the virus comparable to vaccines for diseases like polio and smallpox, and COVID-19 has entered a variety of animal reservoirs. At this point, it cannot be eradicated by any human vaccine.

Furthermore, the public health threat of the omicron variant is minuscule while our national medicine cabinet contains only a very mixed bag of highly leaky and nondurable quasi-vaccines. For example, the Pfizer and Moderna jabs are based on an experimental mRNA technology originally developed by one of this piece’s authors (Malone), are of primitive construction and are associated with the development of vaccine and monoclonal antibody-resistant viral mutations.

With leakiness, vaccinated individuals are becoming infected at increasing rates. With nondurability, the Pied Pipers of forced vaccinations are demanding ever more “booster” jabs.

America’s quasi-vaccines are significantly riskier than public health officials have disclosed. They can trigger serious cardiac and thrombotic conditions, menstrual cycle disruptions, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre syndrome and anaphylaxis. Male children appear particularly prone to myocarditis, while, post-vaccination, individuals may have suppressed immunities that make them vulnerable to other diseases.

Government officials like Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma executives like Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla and Scott Gottlieb have fed us a steady diet of “noble lie” assurances to encourage universal vaccination. This propaganda has been disseminated by outlets such as CNN and MSNBC and reinforced by systematic Big Tech censors like Facebook and Google determined to hide reality from the public—even as drug company lawyers work to avoid data disclosure that would inform us otherwise.

The virus is now so thoroughly embedded in global populations that, like the common cold and flu, it will be with us for the foreseeable future. It is long past time to substitute Dr. Fauci’s increasingly frantic “vaccine” as a silver bullet fantasy for this reality: The genetic vaccines and overall Fauci/Biden policies have utterly failed to meet their public health objectives—even as life insurance executives such as OneAmerica CEO J. Scott Davison are on fire concerning the overall high mortality rates they are observing in their data.

Alternatively, we must pragmatically build “herd immunity” against the virus, and the quickest and safest way to do this is to reserve vaccination for the most vulnerable (who are already highly vaccinated) while flooding our communities with cheap, safe and efficacious therapeutics freely prescribed in early treatment by personal physicians.

In this fundamentally conservative strategy, no healthy person below the age of 60 should be enticed—or coerced!—to get vaccinated. This is especially true for healthy children, who are at little risk from the prior higher-risk virus strains and develop more robust, diverse and durable immunity than the quasi-vaccinated.

It should go without saying that healthy normal children should not be treated with experimental medical products. This is particularly true given that over half the nation’s children have already developed the enhanced natural immunity engendered by infection, and the risk of side effects of the Pfizer/BioNTech product is higher in those that have developed natural immunity.

Regarding therapeutics, abundant research now shows hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, in particular, can significantly moderate symptoms, reduce hospital stays, eliminate the need for a ventilator, and take death off the table when administered in “early treatment” after symptoms begin. Both are not just far cheaper than the new antiviral pills approved by the FDA and pimped by Merck and Pfizer. They are safer and likely more effective.

The biggest health risk from the Biden/Fauci universal vaccination strategy is this doomsday scenario: The more you vaccinate, the more likely you will spawn vaccine-resistant mutations; and the more likely those vaccinated will fall prey to the mutations. A particularly lethal vaccine-resistant mutation in a universally vaccinated world may well wipe out the human race.

This is not science fiction. It is Virology 101—Black Swan event though it may be. Furthermore, troubling data is emerging from Denmark and the UK that vaccination may increase the risk of omicron infection.

The biggest political risk as America’s mass formation hypnotized bureaucrats ratchet up the universal vaccination pressure are the threats to our jobs and access to schools, shopping, restaurants and sports arenas. Mr. Fauci is now even discussing banning airline travel for the unvaccinated. He seeks to herd us like sheep (or lemmings) towards a vaccine nation ruled by the same kind of overbearing authoritarian apparatchiks epitomized by the very country from which the virus originated.

That Australia, Canada and Europe have already reached a disturbing state of forced vaccination disgrace should be a warning sign to every American still concerned about freedom and the future of American democracy.

If the Biden/Fauci doctrine were based on sound science and a workable strategy, and if omicron were causing severe disease and death, trading freedom for reduced risk might be barely tolerable. But this current frantic madness cuts against the grain of both current data and every scientific principle we know.

The Biden/Fauci administration has become consumed by a mass formation fantasy of safe and effective gene vaccines that can save us from a nonexistent omicron danger. Accordingly, today we declare our independence from these fools and urge all of our fellow citizens—vaccinated or not—to do the same. This is based on current scientific data, not on a hypnotized fantasy.