Sen. Joni Ernst is calling out the Biden administration for continued funding of “pathogens of pandemic potential” research in Guinea. Grants for the project have gone to the EcoHealth Alliance, which Ernst says “can’t be trusted—with dollars or dangerous diseases—after they funneled taxpayer dollars to fund Chinese-run risky research in Wuhan.”

Congress approved Ernst’s proposal to audit “defense dollars flowing to and through EcoHealth to pay for batty experiments in China or anywhere else.” Despite that provision, Ernst contends, “more funds have already found their way to EcoHealth Alliance. We must stop this before they are used to make the world a less safe place.”

A prime figure in that quest is Dr. Anthony Fauci, longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The NIAID boss, a government bureaucrat since 1968, used the EcoHealth Alliance to channel taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) for dangerous gain-of-function research. Dr. Fauci also has connections to the continuing grants now under fire from Sen. Ernst.

In September of 2021, the Department of Defense (DOD) gave Georgetown University a three-year grant of $2.8 million for reducing the threat of “high-risk pathogens” in Guinea. As it happens, Georgetown is the alma mater of Christine Grady, chief of bioethics for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Grady is also the wife of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and despite her fancy title, not exactly a star in the ethics department.

A former NIH nurse, Grady is the author of The Search for an AIDS Vaccine: Ethical Issues in the Development and Testing of a Preventative HIV Vaccine, from Indiana University Press in 1995. Dr. Fauci shows up on page 55, but Grady failed to reveal that she had been married to the NIAID boss for ten years. Her final-page disclaimer that the book was written in her private capacity does not excuse this deception. In similar style, when the NIH made Grady bioethics boss in 2012, they failed to mention that she was married to Fauci.

Grady’s book authorized Fauci’s dangerous drug trials with AZT (azidothymidine), and the author has no ethical problem with risky drug trials on pregnant women and children. Grady recommends research “in which the client and principal beneficiary is the community,” and so does her husband. “There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision, for the greater good of society,” said Dr. Fauci in October 2021.

During the pandemic Fauci replicated the AIDS disaster, basically conducting vaccine experiments on the entire population, including children, the least vulnerable group. By all indications, this took place with full approval of NIA bioethicist Christine Grady, and without regard to consequences.

We will be dealing with the harm done for decades,” explains Dr. Martin Kulldorff, co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration. “Our children, the elderly, the middle class, the working class, and the poor around the world—all will suffer.” The damage continues, and so does funding for dangerous research with pathogens, channeled through Georgetown and the EcoHealth Alliance. Dr. Fauci, who has connections to both, allegedly retired at the end of 2023. He said his replacement, Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo, is a “a really good person. I think she’s going to do a really good job,” which makes sense on one level. During the pandemic, Marrazzo was a strong advocate of masks, social distancing, and vaccines, the whole Fauci-CDC package.

Dr. Marrazzo commands a budget of more than $6 billion, with 21 laboratories and NIAID funding activities in 133 countries. That includes Guinea, where NIAID operates a “partnership of clinical research,” and the DOD continues funding research for “pathogens of pandemic potential” through Georgetown University and the EcoHealth Alliance.

NIAID could easily come up with a new Guinea virus, proclaim that it is already in the United States, and once again advocate for lockdowns, masks, and vaccines. As in 2020, this could happen without any corroboration by independent medical scientists, with government suppressing contrary facts and opinion.

As the CDC concedes, the Covid “variants” are pretty much the same as the original. The vaccines didn’t prevent infection or transmission but now everybody is supposed to get more jabs with their flu shot. That is the pitch from football players such as Travis Kelce and Dr. William Schaffner, professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University, who thinks Dr. Fauci is “a genius.”

Dr. Fauci’s bio shows no advanced degrees in biochemistry or molecular biology, but the NIAID boss claimed to represent science. That is ludicrous, but the reality should be evident to all but the willfully blind. The time has come to hold Dr. Fauci and his cronies accountable for damages from the Covid pandemic, before the government announces the next one.