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Date Title
11/15/2000 Gun Control: Separating Fact from Myth
Gary Kleck, David B. Kopel
10/26/2000 Public Health vs. The Nanny State?
Jacob Sullum, Thomas J. DiLorenzo
10/14/2000 Economic and Moral Factors in Favor of Open Immigration
Alexander T. Tabarrok
9/7/2000 The American Revolution and the Legacy of Liberty
Joyce O. Appleby, Hans Eicholz, Henry E. Mayer
6/21/2000 The War on Drugs: Who is Winning? Who is Losing?
Peter Dale Scott, J. Victor Marshall, Alexander Cockburn
5/24/2000 Pearl Harbor: Official Lies in an American War Tragedy?
Robert B. Stinnett
4/25/2000 Affirmative Action: Pro and Con
William T. Bagley, Ward A. Connerly
3/7/2000 Pro Team Sports: Are Politics and Corruption Winning?
Roger G. Noll, Rodney Fort
2/15/2000 Global Warming: Scientific Fact or Fiction?
S. Fred Singer
2/2/2000 Saving the Environment: Government, Friend or Foe?
Peter W. Huber, Michael L. de Alessi
1/19/2000 Freedom, Terror, and Falsehoods: Lessons from the Twentieth Century
G. Robert A. Conquest
12/9/1999 The Microsoft Monopoly: Where to Go from Here?
Peter W. Huber, Thomas M. Lenard, Stan J. Liebowitz
11/23/1999 The American Economy, 1935-47: Assessing Robert Higgs’ Pioneering Analysis of Government Policy
Robert Higgs
11/17/1999 The Civil War: Liberty and American Leviathan
Henry E. Mayer, Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
10/20/1999 Virtual Money, Privacy, and the Internet
Peter A. Thiel, Richard W. Rahn
9/21/1999 Guns and Violent Crime
Don B. Kates, Jr., Joyce Lee Malcolm
7/20/1999 Liberty and the Failures of Government
Walter E. Williams
6/16/1999 Tiananmen Square: Ten Years Later
Timothy J. Brook, Danxuan Yi, Jing Chang
4/28/1999 The New Path for Africa: Establishing Free-Market Societies
George B. N. Ayittey
4/13/1999 What Should Be Done with America's Schools?
Williamson M. Evers, Andrew J. Coulson, Myron Lieberman
4/6/1999 Fixing America’s Cities: Privatization and Community Empowerment
Stephen Goldsmith
3/31/1999 Why Freedom?
Tibor R. Machan, Jan Narveson
3/18/1999 Free Markets and the Economics of Life
Gary S. Becker, Guity Nashat Becker
3/9/1999 Justice, Natural Rights and the Rule of Law
Randy E. Barnett
2/24/1999 The New Betrayal of Black Freedom in America
Shelby Steele
2/11/1999 The Future of Freedom and High Technology
Virginia I. Postrel
2/3/1999 Private Solutions for the Social Security Crisis
Alan J. Auerbach, Preston Martin, Michael Tanner
10/29/1998 P.J.'s Economics 101: Open House with P.J. O'Rourke
P. J. O’Rourke
10/1/1998 Dinner to Honor Sir John Marks Templeton
Sir John Marks Templeton, Michael J. Boskin, Charles H. Townes, Robert W. Galvin, George F. Gilder, Václav Klaus, Louis R. Rukeyser, John L. Schroeder, David J. Theroux
4/16/1998 Technology Innovation: Competitors, Predators and Antitrust
Timothy F. Bresnahan

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