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Date Title
9/21/2005 Immigration Wars: Open or Closed Borders for America?
Peter Laufer, Benjamin Powell
5/3/2005 Liberty for Latin America: How to Undo 500 Years of State Oppression
Alvaro Vargas Llosa
3/1/2005 How—And How Not—To Fight Terrorism
Michael Scheuer
1/27/2005 The Death Penalty on Trial
Bill Kurtis, Franklin E. Zimring
10/28/2004 The Empire Has No Clothes: U.S. Foreign Policy Exposed
Ivan Eland
9/29/2004 Against Leviathan: Government Power and a Free Society
Robert Higgs
9/24/2004 Gag Rule: On the Suppression of Dissent and Stifling of Democracy
Lewis H. Lapham
6/17/2004 The Future of Iraq: Democracy or Quagmire?
George Bisharat, Ivan Eland, James H. Noyes, Christopher Scheer
6/8/2004 Terrorism and Iraq: What is the Nature of the Relationship?: A Debate
Don Smith, Stephen Hayes, Walter Russell Mead, Ivan Eland
5/14/2004 Why Liberty Is Failing in Latin America
Alvaro Vargas Llosa
5/6/2004 Drug War Crimes
Jeffrey A. Miron, Joseph D. McNamara, Ethan A. Nadelmann
4/21/2004 Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Global Marketplace
Robert W. Galvin, Peter A. Thiel, Daniel J. Edelman
3/9/2004 The Promised Land of the Free
Richard A. Epstein, Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
2/4/2004 The Voluntary City: Restoring Urban Life in Crisis Times
Peter Gordon, Fred E. Foldvary, Daniel B. Klein
1/30/2004 Confessions of a Media Maverick: Exposing Hucksters, Cheats and Scam Artists
John Stossel
11/13/2003 PATRIOT Acts: I & II: The New Assault on Liberty?
Ivan Eland, David Cole, Margaret Russell, James Bovard
10/2/2003 The Truth About Medical Marijuana
Ed Rosenthal, Donald I. Abrams, Edwin Dobb, Robert J. MacCoun
6/25/2003 Preemptive War Strategy: A New U.S. Empire?
Joel S. Beinin, Edward A. Olsen, Ivan Eland
5/27/2003 Globalization and Cultural Diversity: Friends or Foes?
Tyler Cowen
2/20/2003 Solving America’s Public School Crisis
Peter Brimelow, John D. Merrifield
10/23/2002 Secrecy, Freedom and Empire: Lessons for Today from Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers
E. Daniel Ellsberg, Barton J. Bernstein, Edwin B. Firmage, David R. Henderson, J. Victor Marshall
9/24/2002 The U.S. War on Terrorism: Myths and Realities
Lewis H. Lapham, Alan W. Bock, J. Victor Marshall, Seth Rosenfeld, Paul H. Weaver
6/6/2002 Big Brother Is Watching
James Bamford
5/7/2002 The Real Abraham Lincoln: A Debate
Harry V. Jaffa, Thomas J. DiLorenzo
5/3/2002 Entrepreneurial Economics for Fun, Profit and a Better, Freer World
Alexander T. Tabarrok
5/2/2002 Liberty for Women
Wendy McElroy
4/18/2002 Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?
Gore Vidal, Lewis H. Lapham, Barton J. Bernstein, Robert Higgs, Thomas Gale Moore
2/13/2002 Conning Americans: How Politicians Create Dependence on Government
Charlotte Twight
12/4/2001 Why Freedom Matters More Than Ever
David R. Henderson
10/3/2001 Smarter Urban Growth: Markets or Bureaucracy?
Daniel B. Klein

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