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Date Title
10/23/2002 Secrecy, Freedom and Empire: Lessons for Today from Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers
E. Daniel Ellsberg, Barton J. Bernstein, Edwin B. Firmage, David R. Henderson, J. Victor Marshall
9/24/2002 The U.S. War on Terrorism: Myths and Realities
Lewis H. Lapham, Alan W. Bock, J. Victor Marshall, Seth Rosenfeld, Paul H. Weaver
6/6/2002 Big Brother Is Watching
James Bamford
5/7/2002 The Real Abraham Lincoln: A Debate
Harry V. Jaffa, Thomas J. DiLorenzo
5/3/2002 Entrepreneurial Economics for Fun, Profit and a Better, Freer World
Alexander T. Tabarrok
5/2/2002 Liberty for Women
Wendy McElroy
4/18/2002 Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?
Gore Vidal, Lewis H. Lapham, Barton J. Bernstein, Robert Higgs, Thomas Gale Moore
2/13/2002 Conning Americans: How Politicians Create Dependence on Government
Charlotte Twight
12/4/2001 Why Freedom Matters More Than Ever
David R. Henderson
10/3/2001 Smarter Urban Growth: Markets or Bureaucracy?
Daniel B. Klein, Randal O’Toole
9/5/2001 The Drug War on Trial: Two Judges Speak Out
James P. Gray, Vaughn Walker
8/14/2001 Truth and Propaganda in Politically Correct America
Larry Elder
7/5/2001 Why Are the Public Schools Failing and What Can Be Done?
Richard K. Vedder, John D. Merrifield
5/16/2001 Friedrich Hayek and the Future of Liberty
Alan O. Ebenstein, Charles W. Baird
4/24/2001 Will Strong Encryption Protect Privacy and Make Government Obsolete?
David D. Friedman
3/20/2001 Losing the Race? Black Progress, Freedom, and Independence
John H. McWhorter
2/18/2001 Common Law, Merchant Law, and Democratic Legislation
Alexander T. Tabarrok
2/6/2001 Can America’s Electoral System Be Fixed?
Robert D. Cooter, Randy Simmons, Alexander T. Tabarrok
11/15/2000 Gun Control: Separating Fact from Myth
Gary Kleck, David B. Kopel
10/26/2000 Public Health vs. The Nanny State?
Jacob Sullum, Thomas J. DiLorenzo
10/14/2000 Economic and Moral Factors in Favor of Open Immigration
Alexander T. Tabarrok
9/7/2000 The American Revolution and the Legacy of Liberty
Joyce O. Appleby, Hans Eicholz, Henry E. Mayer
6/21/2000 The War on Drugs: Who is Winning? Who is Losing?
Peter Dale Scott, J. Victor Marshall, Alexander Cockburn
5/24/2000 Pearl Harbor: Official Lies in an American War Tragedy?
Robert B. Stinnett
4/25/2000 Affirmative Action: Pro and Con
William T. Bagley, Ward A. Connerly
3/7/2000 Pro Team Sports: Are Politics and Corruption Winning?
Roger G. Noll, Rodney Fort
2/15/2000 Global Warming: Scientific Fact or Fiction?
S. Fred Singer
2/2/2000 Saving the Environment: Government, Friend or Foe?
Peter W. Huber, Michael L. de Alessi
1/19/2000 Freedom, Terror, and Falsehoods: Lessons from the Twentieth Century
G. Robert A. Conquest
12/9/1999 The Microsoft Monopoly: Where to Go from Here?
Peter W. Huber

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