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Solving America’s Public School Crisis
Thursday, February 20, 2003

Peter Brimelow
Columnist, CBS MarketWatch, former Senior Editor, Forbes, Author, The Worm in the Apple
John D. Merrifield
Professor of Economics, University of Texas, San Antonio, Author, School Choices: True and False
The weakening standards of public education have been at the forefront of American politics for years. Politicians ceaselessly pledge their “support” for education, but public-school performance continues to decline. Why has educational quality deteriorated in recent decades, while funding has increased and the quality of other goods and services has improved dramatically? Why has real public-school reform remained elusive? And what reform strategies have the best chance of giving school children the high-quality education they need to thrive in a dynamic, information-based economy? Please join us as Peter Brimelow and John Merrifield discuss the causes of and cures for America’s faltering public schools.

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