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Center on Educational Excellence


    Senior Fellow and Director, Center on Educational Excellence, Independent Institute
    Research Fellow, Independent Institute
    Research Fellow, Independent Institute
    Senior Fellow, Independent Institute
    Vice Chancellor, President, and Professor of Educational Entrepreneurship and Policy, University of Buckingham
    Senior Fellow, Independent Institute; Edwin and Ruth Kennedy Distinguished Professor of Economics and Faculty Associate, Contemporary History Institute, Ohio University

Research Fellows

    Jonathan Bean, Professor of History, Southern Illinois University

    Donald A. Downs, Professor of Political Science, Law, and Journalism, University of Wisconsin, Madison

    Joshua C. Hall, Professor of Economics, West Virginia University

    Daniel B. Klein, Professor of Economics, George Mason University

    Phillip W. Magness, Research Fellow, Independent Institute

    Roger E. Meiners, Goolsby Distinguished Professor of Economics and Law, University of Texas at Arlington

    John Merrifield, Professor of Economics, University of Texas, San Antonio

    John W. Sommer, Knight Distinguished Professor Emeritys, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    José Maria J. Yulo, Lecturer in Philosophy and Western Civilization, Academy of Art University

Board of Advisors

    G. Marcus Cole, Joseph A. Matson Dean and Professor, School of Law, University of Notre Dame

    Charles L. Glenn, Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership and former Dean, Wheelock College of Education & Human Development, Boston University; former Executive Director, Office of Educational Equity, Massachusetts Department of Education

    Jay P. Greene, Senior Research Fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Education Policy

    Timothy J. Groseclose, Professor of Economics and holder of the Adam Smith Endowed Chair, Mercatus Center, George Mason University; author, Cheating: An Insider’s Report on the Use of Race in Admissions at UCLA

    James W. Guthrie, Presidential Fellow, Ross College of Education, Lynn University; former Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of Nevada; former Dean, School of Education, University of California, Berkeley; Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Education, Vanderbilt University

    Eric A. Hanushek, Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University; former Deputy Director, Congressional Budget Office; former Member, Equity and Excellence Commission, U.S. Department of Education

    Gail L. Heriot, Professor of Law, University of San Diego Law School; Commissioner, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

    Paul E. Peterson, Henry Lee Shattuck Professor of Government and Director of the Program on Education Policy and Governance, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University; and Senior Editor, Education Next

    Michael J. Podgursky, Chancellor’s Professor of Economics, University of Missouri

    Joel H. Spring, Professor Emeritus in the Urban Education Program, Queens College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York

    Eugenia F. Toma, Wendell H. Ford Professor of Public Policy and University Research Professor in the Martin School of Public Policy and Administration, University of Kentucky; former President, Southern Economic Association; former President, National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration

In Memoriam Research Fellows

In Memoriam Board of Advisors

    Herbert J. Walberg, University Scholar and Research Professor Emeritus of Education and Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago

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