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Research Articles

These articles, written by Independent Institute Research Fellows, were originally published in other publications, and are republished here. For other research articles, please see our Policy Reports, Working Papers, and The Independent Review.

In the Name of Emergency
World War II and the Triumph of Keynesianism
Economic Liberty
The Declaration of Independence
FDR: The Man, the Leader, the Legacy
Monopolies for Children? Pediatric Exclusivity and the Orphan Drug Act
Constitutional Counterrevolution
Quartering Species
Nazi Firearms Law and the Disarming of the German Jews
Economic Behavior: An Inherent Problem With Utilitarianism
Economists Against the FDA
The American Drug War: Anatomy of a Futile and Costly Police Action
Trade and the Rise of Freedom
Economic Growth: What’s Love Got to do With It?
Barbarians at Bill Gates
Regulatory Extortion
Mere “Isolationism”: The Foreign Policy of the “Old Right”
Albert Jay Nock on Education
Why Crime Declines
From Central Planning to the Market
The American Transition, 1945-1947
Nazi Repression of Firearms Owners
How War Amplified Federal Power in the Twentieth Century
The Reserve Requirement Debacle of 1935–1938
The Green Scare
Gold Policy in the 1930s

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