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Research Articles

These articles, written by Independent Institute Research Fellows, were originally published in other publications, and are republished here. For other research articles, please see our Policy Reports, Working Papers, and The Independent Review.

The Second Amendment Upholds an Individual Right
Amici Curiae Brief in D.C. v. Heller for 55 Senators, the Senate President, and 250 Members of the House of Representatives

Stephen P. Halbrook | March 10, 2008

If Men Were Angels
The Basic Analytics of the State versus Self-government

Robert Higgs | June 11, 2007

The Gospel According to Conservation Biology
Robert H. Nelson | June 1, 2007

St. George Tucker’s Second Amendment: Deconstructing “The True Palladium of Liberty,”
Stephen P. Halbrook | April 1, 2007

Military-Economic Fascism: How Business Corrupts Government, and Vice Versa
Robert Higgs | January 22, 2007

Nazism, the Second Amendment, and the NRA: A Reply to Professor Harcourt
Stephen P. Halbrook | December 23, 2006

From the Armistice to the Great Depression
Robert Higgs | December 1, 2006

Knowledge and Naturalism
Dallas A. Willard | May 18, 2006

Is There a Basis for Global Warming Alarm?
Richard S. Lindzen | October 21, 2005

Fear: The Foundation of Every Government’s Power
Robert Higgs | May 17, 2005

How the Western Cattlemen Created Property Rights
Robert Higgs | March 1, 2005

Homeland Security: Learning from Japan
Edward A. Olsen | November 18, 2004

The Greatest Privatization Ever
Robert Higgs | June 1, 2004

Truman’s Attempt to Seize the Steel Industry
Robert Higgs | March 1, 2004

How the Federal Government Got into the Ocean-Shipping Business
Robert Higgs | November 1, 2003

Connections Between the Austrian School of Economics and Christian Faith
A Personalist Approach

Paul A. Cleveland | September 1, 2003

Why Grover Cleveland Vetoed the Texas Seed Bill
Robert Higgs | July 1, 2003

A Tale of Two Brain Trusts
Robert Higgs | October 1, 2002

The Failure of Utilitarian Ethics in Political Economy
Paul A. Cleveland | September 1, 2002

Thank God for the Nation State?
Robert Higgs | March 15, 2002

The Blessed Monopolies
Does pediatric exclusivity drug legislation benefit children? What about their parents?

Alexander T. Tabarrok | December 1, 2001

In the Name of Emergency
Robert Higgs | October 17, 2001

World War II and the Triumph of Keynesianism
Robert Higgs | October 8, 2001

Economic Liberty
Paul A. Cleveland | September 1, 2001

The Declaration of Independence
Ronald Hamowy | April 21, 2001

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