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Research Articles

These articles, written by Independent Institute Research Fellows, were originally published in other publications, and are republished here. For other research articles, please see our Policy Reports, Working Papers, and The Independent Review.

The Common Law Solution to Water Pollution
The Path Not Taken

Roger E. Meiners, Bruce Yandle | April 1, 1992

Profits of U.S. Defense Contractors
Robert Higgs | March 13, 1992

Wartime Prosperity? A Reassessment of the U.S. Economy in the 1940s
Robert Higgs | March 1, 1992

Eighteen Problematic Propositions in the Analysis of the Growth of Government
Robert Higgs | January 1, 1991

Agriculture in Bulgaria
Carl A. Pescosolido, Jr., Peter J. Hill | October 1, 1990

The Environment in Bulgaria
Peter J. Hill | October 1, 1990

Beware the Pork-Hawk: In Pursuit of Reelection, Congress Sells Out the Nation’s Defense
Robert Higgs | June 1, 1989

“The Arms of All The People Should Be Taken Away”
Stephen P. Halbrook | January 1, 1989

Do Legislators’ Votes Reflect Constituency Preference?
A Simple Way to Evaluate the Senate

Robert Higgs | January 1, 1989

Crisis and Quasi-Corporatist Policy-Making: The U.S. Case in Historical Perspective
Robert Higgs | November 1, 1988

Hard Coals Make Bad Law: Congressional Parochialism Versus National Defense
Robert Higgs | March 1, 1988

Economic Warfare and Private Property Rights
Recent Episodes and their Constitutionality

Robert Higgs, Charlotte Twight | September 1, 1987

National Emergency and the Erosion of Private Property Rights
Charlotte Twight, Robert Higgs | January 1, 1987

National Emergency and Private Property Rights
Historical Relations and Present Conditions

Robert Higgs, Charlotte Twight | September 1, 1986

Crisis, Bigger Government, and Ideological Change
Two Hypotheses on the Ratchet Phenomenon

Robert Higgs | January 1, 1985

The Dutch-American Guerrillas of the American Revolution
William F. Marina | May 1, 1983

Weapons, Technology and Legitimacy
The Second Amendment in Global Perspective

William F. Marina | January 1, 1983

Legally Induced Technical Regress in the Washington Salmon Fishery
Robert Higgs | June 30, 1982

Ronald Hamowy | July 1, 1980

Jefferson and the Scottish Enlightenment
A Critique of Garry Wills’s Inventing America: Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence

Ronald Hamowy | October 1, 1979

Inflation and the Destruction of the Free Market Economy
Robert Higgs | April 1, 1979

The Attack on Concentration
Yale Brozen | January 1, 1979

’Brainwashing’ and Managed Group Experiences: Converging ‘New’ Techniques?
William F. Marina | June 15, 1975

Egalitarianism and Empire
William F. Marina | January 1, 1975

The American Revolution and the Minority Myth
William F. Marina | January 1, 1975

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