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David J. Theroux » Events

2021-04-28 -California Governor Newsom Recall, Ending Woke Schools, Gun Control & Government Failure
2021-03-29 -Border Crisis, Woke Racism, Assault Weapons Redux, and Filibuster Omens
2021-03-20 -COVID-19 Pork, Dr. Seuss, Teachers Unions, Lockdowns, and Reopenings
2021-02-10 -Impeachment, Black History, Civil Liberties, Woke Tyranny, School Shutdowns
2021-01-27 -Biden's Executive Orders, Border Wall, School Names and Cancel Culture
2021-01-13 -Capitol Protest Fallout, Censorship, Unfettered Biden Agenda, China
2020-12-09 -Election Lawsuits, Biden, Media Bias, EDD Fraud, Vaccines, Walter Williams
2020-11-25 -Election Endgame, Biden Policies, COVID-19, Thanksgiving and Liberty
2020-10-28 -2020 U.S. Elections, Final Presidential Debate, Amy Coney Barrett on SCOTUS, Joe Biden Family Scandal, Big Tech Censorship, Critical Race Theory and more
2020-10-14 -SCOTUS Hearings, COVID-19, World Health Organization, Pence vs. Harris Vice Presidential Debate, Court Packing, and More
2020-09-16 -Millenarian Mobs, Wildfires, Woke Football, and Milton Friedman
2020-09-02 -Ethnic Studies, Identity Politics, Racism, Riots, and the Police
2020-08-28 -Love Gov
2020-08-15 -Kamala Harris, Political Correctness, Corruption and Civil Liberties
2020-07-29 -Free Speech, Cancel Culture, Identity Politics and Police Reform
2020-04-29 -Suspend California AB-5
2019-11-07 -No Safe Spaces: Free Speech Under Attack
2019-07-24 -Global Warming
2019-05-02 -An Evening with Jordan B. Peterson
2018-09-14 -Liberty and 21st-Century Thought Control
1998-10-01 -Dinner to Honor Sir John Marks Templeton
1992-07-07 -National Dinner to Honor Robert A. Conquest
1986-10-08 -Reception to Honor Peter T. Bauer

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