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Volume 20  Number 1  •  Summer 2015
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Introduction: Symposium on Anthony de Jasay
The Defensive State
The State and Public Choice
No Salvation through Constitutions: Jasay versus Buchanan and Rawls
Spontaneous Order: Origins, Actual Spontaneity, Diversity
Broken Windows and House-Owning Dogs: The French Connection and the Popularization of Economics from Bastiat to Jasay
Cigarettes, Same-Sex Marriage, and Vladimir Putin: Reflections on Carl Schmitt
An Episodic History of Modern Fed Independence
Leonard P. Liggio: Man of Peace
Henry Manne: A Man to Remember

Book Reviews
Capital in the Twenty-First Century
Economists and the State: What Went Wrong
The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution
Constitutional Money: A Review of the Supreme Court’s Monetary Decisions
Social Justice and the Indian Rope Trick (Collected Papers of Anthony de Jasay)

Gross Domestic Product—an Index of Economic Welfare or a Meaningless Metric?

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