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What Others Are Saying about The Independent Review

The Independent Review is a sparkling effervescence of views and insights on economics, history, and politics for people who don't mind having their minds bent and blistered with high entropy ideas.”
GEORGE GILDER, bestselling author, Wealth and Poverty

The Independent Review is providing an essential role in appealing to mainstream academic and other audiences, importantly emphasizing the themes of classical liberalism, First Amendment rights, and the role of property rights—all of which need constantly to be revisited.”
VERNON L. SMITH, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences; Professor of Economics and Law, George L. Argyros Endowed Chair in Finance and Economics, and Founding Director of the Economic Science Institute, Chapman University

The Independent Review is a well-known and highly regarded journal of political economy.”
ROBERT P. GEORGE, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Founding Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, Princeton University

“You have brought together an excellent, diverse and representative group . . . a wide-ranging effort, The Independent Review is a real gem.”
IRVING LOUIS HOROWITZ, late Hannah Arendt Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University

The Independent Review is marvelous and a true treasure.”
MICHAEL J. NOVAK, JR., former Ambassador to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights; Templeton Prize Laureate for Progress in Religion; Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Busch School of Business and Economics, Catholic University of America

“I really enjoy reading The Independent Review. Thank you for getting me to think.”
JOYCE APPLEBY, Professor of History, UCLA

The Independent Review is excellent.”
GARY S. BECKER, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, University of Chicago

The Independent Review is a very interesting journal.”
TIBOR SCITOVSKY, late Professor of Economics, Stanford University

“I do not believe that I have ever witnessed such an efficient editorial and publication process.”
EDWIN S. MILLS, Professor of Real Estate and Finance Emeritus, J.L. Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

The Independent Review is superb in addressing a changing, diverse set of important, difficult and complex issues not encountered in more traditional news and opinion journals. The journal has a point of view, but it also has the real courage to subject this point of view and those of others to the requisite tests.”
ROBERT W. CRANDALL, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

The Independent Review is an outstanding addition to the public policy literature.”
ALLAN H. MELTZER, Professor of Economics, Carnegie Mellon University

“You have built a great team. . . There is a definite niche to be filled. We need an outlet for scholarly work that focuses on institutions, history, economic logic, and tough analysis.”
BRUCE YANDLE, former Executive Director, Federal Trade Commission; Professor of Economics Emeritus, Clemson University

The Independent Review is a political economy journal that avoids faddish pyrotechnics while seeking objectivity and high standards.”
TIMUR KURAN, Professor of Economics and Political Science, Duke University

The Independent Review is distinctive in badly needed ways.”
LELAND YEAGER, Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus, Auburn University

The Independent Review is truly excellent.”
WESLEY ALLEN RIDDLE, former Professor of History, U.S. Military Academy

“Congratulations! The Independent Review is excellent.”
JULIAN L. SIMON, late Professor of Economics, University of Maryland

“I read The Independent Review with great interest and admiration, and I wish you every success.”
C. VANN WOODWARD, late Pulitzer and Bancroft Prize-Winner; Professor of History, Yale University

The Independent Review is a great read. My best wishes.”

The Independent Review is a dandy. All issues are exceptionally valuable. Keep up the good work.”
C. LOWELL HARRISS, late Professor Emeritus of Economics, Columbia University

The Independent Review is an exciting journal.”
JOHN DIGGINS, Professor of History, City University of New York

“I greatly enjoy The Independent Review which is excellent.”
RICHARD E. SYLLA, Professor of Economics, New York University

“You are publishing a very interesting journal with The Independent Review. I very much enjoy it, and I look forward to reading many more.”
DAVID FRUM, former speechwriter, Office of the President of the United States; Contributing Editor, The Weekly Standard

The Independent Review is very interesting.”
EDITH KURZWEIL, former Editor, Partisan Review

The Independent Review is the most exciting new intellectual magazine in many years.”
WILLIAM A. NISKANEN, former Chairman, President’s Council of Economic Advisors; late Chairman Emeritus, Cato Institute

The Independent Review combines scholarly excellence with literary elegance to examine critically the most pressing of public issues, past, present and future. In so doing, the journal always delights and challenges the reader.”
KEVIN STARR, State Librarian Emeritus of California

The Independent Review is excellent in both format and content, and is a most important undertaking.”
RALPH RAICO, Professor of History, Buffalo State College

“Everyone thinks that The Independent Review is great.”
STEPHEN COX, Professor of Literature, University of California, San Diego

The Independent Review is an impressive journal which I have added to my list of publications to read carefully and keep track of, along with the other valuable publications pouring out of The Independent Institute.”
GEORGE H. NASH, historian

“I am quite excited about your new journal, The Independent Review. There are simply not enough quality trans-disciplinary journals dealing with political economy in the classical liberal tradition. I really appreciate your efforts to offer a high-caliber, scholarly, and readable journal that is not concerned with political correctness. Keep up the good work.”
EDWARD W. YOUNKINS, Director, Graduate Business Programs, Wheeling Jesuit University

“What a great service you are performing with The Independent Review. Keep up the good work.”
KENNETH G. ELZINGA, Professor of Economics, University of Virginia

“Congratulations and good luck with The Independent Review.”
WILLIAM KEECH, Professor of Political Science, Carnegie-Mellon University

“Edited by the great economic historian Robert Higgs, The Independent Review artfully straddles the realms of solid policy analysis and serious political-economy scholarship. Carefully edited to serve the general reader, it demonstrates that seriously political economy is rooted in analysis of actual policies and institutions. I think it is the best scholarly journal in the discipline of political economy.”
DANIEL B. KLEIN, Professor of Economics, George Mason University

“I regularly read and enjoy The Independent Review.”
GORDON LLOYD, Professor of Public Policy, Pepperdine University

The Independent Review is doing an excellent job and deserves congratulations.”
HUGH MACAULAY, Alumni Professor Emeritus of Economics, Clemson University

“I’ve enjoyed The Independent Review, and I respect the quality you have achieved.”
JACK GOLDSTONE, Professor of Sociology, George Mason University

“I am much impressed with The Independent Review.”
WALLACE OATES, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland

The Independent Review is probably the review of political economy of greatest interest over the last years. Less thematic than the Cato Journal, The Independent Review contains also more theoretical and historical articles. The journal also seeks to enjoin the greatest number of readers and is thus written in a clear and concise way. Recommended to students of economics, political science and history. Much hardware available on the web site.”

“I thought that pair of articles on Bork [Bostum] and Posner [Rutten] a couple of years ago were as interesting as anything I’ve read in the the Journal of Legal Studies or anywhere. The Independent Review is one of my favorite journals to read.”
THOMAS E. BORCHERDING, Professor of Politics and Economics, Claremont Graduate University

“What a breath of fresh air, indeed. The Independent Review strikes me as an appropriate balance among academic substance, contentious provocation, and broad appeal to a wide intelligent reality-oriented audience.”
PRESTON COVEY, Director, Center for the Advancement of Applied Ethics, Carnegie Mellon University

The Independent Review is a great publication.”
LLEWELLYN H. ROCKWELL, Jr., President, Ludwig von Mises Institute

“Usually with scholarly journals, I’m unable to find even one article of any value! With The Independent Review, it’s great that one journal is arresting the movement towards mind-numbing irrelevance. Maybe, you’ll start a trend.”
FIONA MACLACHLAN, Professor of Economics and Finance, Manhattan College

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