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Volume 12  Number 1  •  Summer 2007
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“Starve the Beast”: Origins and Development of a Budgetary Metaphor
A Market Like Any Other: Against the Double Standard in Judging the Media
Hayek Revisited: Planning, Diversity, and the Vox Populi
Enterprise Capital in Emerging Markets
Marriage, Cohabitation, and Same-Sex Marriage
Privately Funded and Built U.S. Warships in the Quasi-War of 1797–1801
Milton Friedman, 1912–2006
Nineteen Public Bads of Empire, Nation Building, and the Like

Book Reviews
Law Without Nations? Why Constitutional Government Requires Sovereign States
Nation-States and the Multinational Corporation: A Political Economy of Direct Foreign Investment
For All of These Rights: Business, Labor, and the Shaping of America’s Private-Public Welfare State
Political Power and Corporate Control: The New Global Politics of Corporate Governance
The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger

Results of Still Another Fifty-Year Experiment in Political Economy

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