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Volume 2  Number 2  •  Fall 1997
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Constitutional Rules, Political Accidents, and the Course of History: New Light on the Annexation of Texas
Has John Roemer Resurrected Market Socialism?
South African Economic Development in the Light of the New Institutional Economics
Law, Tradition, and the Transition in Eastern Europe
The Quickening of Social Evolution: Perspectives on Proprietary (Entrepreneurial) Communities

The Tempting of Richard Posner
Bostan, Bork, and the Jurisprudence of Limited Government

Review Essays
Why Did the East Germans Rebel?

Book Reviews
Hayek’s Political Economy: The Socio-Economics of Order
Pay Any Price: Lyndon Johnson and The Wars for Vietnam
Sovereign Nations or Reservations? An Economic History of American Indians
The Captive Press: Foreign Policy Crises and the First Amendment

Death and Taxes

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