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Letter from Chairman and Chief Executive Mary L. G. Theroux

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

I think we can all agree on the latter sentiment: the past year has seen the unfolding of a case study straight from Crisis and Leviathan. We’ve seen previously unimaginable power grabs dictate the terms of private business, personal liberties, and education; novel medicines mandated across populations, regardless of demonstrated benefit; the censorship of speech and suppression of information; bald-faced lies from political leaders; and lockstep support from institutions we used to view as independent—including academia, the media, and even scientific and medical associations. And of course, here at Independent, we experienced the sudden loss of our Founder and my husband, who had set the principled standard by which we charted our course.

But it has also been the best of times, proving that despite all efforts to the contrary—and perhaps even more so, for all that opposition—truth will out.

Independent effectively deploys a full range of strategies in leading the conversation around solutions that accord with individual and economic liberty, as well as human worth and dignity. While everything we do is grounded in rigorous, peer-reviewed research into the root causes of and innovative solutions to seemingly intractable challenges, we employ both
traditional and new outlets, encouraging audiences to consider approaches that go beyond the narrow Left-Right divide.

  • Print Publications: Despite widespread proclamations of print being dead, publications are proven to establish authority in ways no number of Twitter followers can rival. Our peer-reviewed books, quarterly journal, and policy reports are widely cited, forming the basis of Independent’s reputation for providing solid analysis, timely insights, and enterprising solutions.
  • Transmedia Dissemination of Ideas: Whether capturing widespread attention with our California Golden Fleece® award, op-eds in prominent print and online publications, podcast, radio, and television appearances, or our social media presence, Independent effectively utilizes every available outlet, reaching audiences across the political spectrum. With a media reach exceeding 4 billion this year, including millions of website visitors and video viewers, we are heard far beyond any echo chamber.
  • Events: Because many of our programs focus on issues of enduring concern, even videos of years-old forums continue to garner upwards of hundreds of thousands of views. We couple these with discussions of current topical issues—notable subjects over the past year include government overreach, the corruption of science, misguided healthcare policies, and stifl ing of speech, with brave voices for truth, including Scott Atlas, Naomi Wolf, Pete Sessions and John Goodman, constitutional scholars William Watkins, Jr. and Stephen Halbrook, and others.
  • Original Film Production: This year, we expanded beyond our acclaimed satirical YouTube series Love Gov—with a combined viewership of over 43 million (to date)—into documentary film making. Screenings for Beyond Homeless: Finding Hope have earned acclaim from San Francisco’s largely progressive population, mainstream film festivals, and online viewers, significantly shifting the conversation surrounding homelessness solutions.

We thank you for your support during this difficult year, and we look forward to continuing to partner with you in lighting the way to a brighter future for our families, communities, and country.