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Letter from Independent Institute President David J. Theroux

Ideas. Action. Liberty. These are the three essential elements underlying every endeavor at the Independent Institute. By advancing innovative ideas that inspire action, we can achieve a Rising Tide for Liberty.

Over the past year, in the face of increasing assaults on individual rights and decision-making, I have seen momentum building among individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives for alternatives to the received wisdom of Big and Bigger Government—leading to a broader understanding of and appreciation for the principles and practices of free and prosperous societies.

The global pandemic has affected our daily lives as unprecedented restrictions were imposed on economic and civil liberties, the economy nose-dived, bureaucracy expanded, K–12 schools and higher education were shut down, the woke agenda permeated our lives, and fear sapped hope for the future. But as skepticism has grown, as common sense increasingly questioned “Authority,” The Power of Independent Thinking offers the antidote to false promises and flawed ideas.

At the same time, local, state, and federal governments’ failures are degrading everyday lives and communities, resulting in increasing crime, homelessness, and growing inequality caused by inflationary policies. However, these failures also present opportunities to share alternative visions backed by rigorous studies.

Thus, while we’ve had (and continue to face) real challenges, I believe we can also agree that there are real reasons for hope.

I am optimistic because the work of our superb Fellows shows that innovative ideas can provide inspiring solutions to these challenges, and people made skeptical by broken promises are searching for such alternatives. Thus, our work is reaching a rapidly growing audience—including many newcomers.

Through the development of new alliances and new channels of outreach, our work is coming to the attention of and inspiring action among those fed up with the failed status quo, as well as younger audiences who otherwise have never been exposed to the hopeful ideas and applications of liberty.

Thanks to your help, this Rising Tide really can take us all into a brighter future!