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Ideas matter. And ideas matter even more when they move into action. We are pleased to report that this past year featured inspiring work and meaningful results as our mission to advance liberty, opportunity, and prosperity became even more important during a global pandemic rife with threats to liberty.

As an organization, we pivoted to focus on the harmful impact of government responses to the crisis. Our message and principles remained the same as ever, as we set forth market-based solutions, backed by peer-reviewed research, to provide antidotes to Leviathan.

During mandatory stay-at-home orders, we were unable to meet with our friends in person but found a way to keep in touch through a series of virtual events as well as an enhanced social media presence where friends and supporters could easily access our content.

We are pleased to share some highlights in our 2020 Annual Report—“Light the Way to Liberty.” Through the following initiatives, among others, we provided a beacon of clarity during a time of challenge:

  • Curbing big government during a crisis — Our scholars and research fellows in economics, healthcare, education, and civil rights were at the forefront of research and commentary.
  • Inspiring the next generation for liberty — Our award-winning Love Gov video series continued to reach young people and achieved over 10 million views this year and total views of 35.5 million since it launched.
  • Preserving opportunity as unemployment spiked — The economic fallout from COVID-19 results in millions of people losing their jobs.   The government even focused on taking away opportunities for independent contractors by banning “gig economy” workers. We took strong and decisive action to curtail this legislation by actively seeking a suspension of a disastrous California assembly bill as well as submitting two amicus briefs before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.
  • Expanding housing affordability — Our Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation released an Independent Policy Briefing, “How to Restore the California Dream: Removing Obstacles to Fast and Affordable Housing” (part of our California Golden Fleece® Award series).
  • Securing quality education — Improving K-12 academic standards and schools was the focus of our Center for Educational Excellence through in-depth policy reports and briefings, especially to fight the capitalism-is-racism message of proposed curricula in “ethnic studies.”

We are profoundly grateful for your support and are proud to join together in our common goal to ensure the dignity of liberty for all.