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The 2016 election season revealed a political landscape of vast chasms dividing the United States into opposing factions that— on the surface, at least—seem to share little more than disillusionment with the status quo and pessimism about the world’s future. But while many have become resigned to the culture of bitter partisanship, the Independent Institute is proud to reflect the optimistic, entrepreneurial spirit of our home, centered in the innovative capital of the world, by building bridges.

By shaping cutting-edge solutions grounded in tested principles, Independent builds bridges across petty partisanship and generational and cultural divides, bringing people together around the timeless, bold, and transformative ideas of liberty.

The result, as this 2016 Annual Report shows, is to help create a world that enjoys greater freedom and opportunity, where families are secure, where entrepreneurs are empowered, and where young people can have greater confidence and ability to pursue their dreams.