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“California’s Homeless Crisis” Sr. Fellow Lawrence McQuillan appears on the Andy Caldwell radio show
Posted: Fri. January 24, 2020, 3:51pm PT

Sr. Fellow Lawrence McQuillan, director of the California Golden Fleece® Awards appears on the Andy Caldwell Show on KUHL radio. California's homeless crisis is unnecessary says McQuillan, due to the barriers government creates to building new housing. NIMBYism is also to blame, he says. The California homelessness problem is also related to these roadblocks of regulations. McQuillan says Californians need a state constitutional amendment allowing the building of housing as a right.

Recorded: Fri. January 24, 2020
Experts: Lawrence J. McQuillan
Type: Radio

“CA Housing Crisis” Lawrence McQuillan appears on the David Webb Show on SiriusXM’s Patriot Channel
Posted: Wed. January 22, 2020, 1:13pm PT

There is a huge scarcity of housing in California. The middle class in the Golden State are voting with their feet and leaving to other states, mostly due to high housing costs. Who are the culprits of this crisis? Lawrence McQuillan, the director of the California Golden Fleece® Awards , says regulations and NIMBYism are mostly to blame. Environmental and labor regulations drive up the cost of building new housing, but activists who don't want more people living near them also hamper new development. McQuillan offers solutions to the crisis.

Recorded: Wed. January 22, 2020
Experts: Lawrence J. McQuillan
Type: Radio

“California Housing Crisis Update” Sr. Fellow Lawrence McQuillan interviewed on KFAX radio’s Life!Liine with Craig Roberts
Posted: Fri. January 17, 2020, 9:46am PT

“California Housing Crisis Update” Sr. Fellow Lawrence McQuillan, director of the California Golden Fleece® Awards interviewed on KFAX radio’s Life!Liine with Craig Roberts

Recorded: Thu. January 16, 2020
Experts: Lawrence J. McQuillan
Type: Radio

Achieving Educational Excellence
How to Fight the Public School Establishment | Williamson M. Evers

Posted: Fri. January 10, 2020, 3:06pm PT

Williamson M. Evers, Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute and Director of Independent's Center on Educational Excellence, is interviewed on how to improve education in California and across the country, by fighting the public-school establishment. Dr. Evers relates his experiences as a parent activist, research scholar, and K-12 education policymaker. He describes his role in heading the agency review of the U.S. Department of Education for the Trump-Pence transition. Among the policy topics covered are Common Core, restorative justice, testing and accountability, gifted education, ethnic studies, and parental choice. Dr. Evers closes with advice for parents who have complaints about what is going on in their children's school. The interview is conducted by Siyamak S. Khorrami, Host of the "California Insider" (The Epoch Times).

Recorded: Fri. January 10, 2020
Experts: Williamson M. Evers
Type: Television

How California’s Policies Have Led to Uncontrollable Wildfires | Adam B. Summers
Posted: Thu. January 2, 2020, 3:10pm PT

Adam B. Summers, Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, is interviewed by Siyamak S. Khorrami for the “California Insider” (The Epoch Times), to discuss the California Golden Fleece® Award Briefing, “California Wildfires: Key Recommendations to Prevent Future Disasters,” co-authored by Mr. Summers with Fleece Awards Director Lawrence J. McQuillan, Hayeon Carol Park and Katherine Dwyer.

Recorded: Thu. January 2, 2020
Experts: Adam B. Summers
Type: Television

California’s Education Problems | Williamson M. Evers
Posted: Tue. December 24, 2019, 3:12pm PT

Independent Institute Senior Fellow Williamson M. Evers addresses the November 6, 2019, luncheon meeting of the Sacramento Republican Women Federated in Fair Oaks, a suburb of Sacramento, CA. Dr. Evers talks and answers questions about the serious problems in California's public schools. He examines the problems (including education of the gifted; mathematics teaching and college placement; standardized testing scores; student discipline; ethnic studies, and more) in terms of the interests of parents, students, and taxpayers.

Recorded: Wed. November 6, 2019
Experts: Williamson M. Evers
Type: Other Event

No Safe Spaces: Free Speech Under Attack | Independent Institute
Posted: Mon. December 2, 2019, 10:13am PT

This special Independent Institute event, “No Safe Spaces: Free Speech Under Attack,” was held on November 7, 2019, and featured the California and Bay Area Premiere of the acclaimed film, "No Safe Spaces." This video includes the film's official trailer along with a panel of experts with audience Q&A to discuss the issues involved.

Today, college campuses have increasingly become intolerant places for diverse and even conventional viewpoints. The First Amendment, intellectual freedom, and the very idea of free speech are under attack with threats, bans, and even violence. A growing number of Americans don’t even believe you have the right to speak your mind if what you have to say might offend someone, somewhere. They advocate for campuses to be “safe spaces” in which open debate and discussions are not allowed. This disturbing movement has been extending beyond colleges and into the wider world.

“No Safe Spaces” stars comedian Adam Carolla and radio talk-show host Dennis Prager as they travel the country, talk with experts on the right and left, tour college campuses, and work to understand what is happening in America today and what free speech should look like.

With the help of a wide range of public figures, including Tim Allen, Jordan Peterson, Sharyl Attkinson, Alan Dershowitz, Ben Shapiro, Van Jones, Candace Owens, Dave Rubin, Ann Coulter and Cornel West, "No Safe Spaces" explores why the free exchange of ideas is fundamental to a free society, and the attacks on the First Amendment are attacks upon the foundations of America itself.

Recorded: Thu. November 7, 2019
Experts: Owen W. Brennan, Gregory R. Michael, Matt Ronnau, Joseph A. Scherer, David J. Theroux, Graham H. Walker
Type: Independent Institute Event

Educational Choice: How to Serve and Benefit Students, Parents and America | Vicki E. Alger
Posted: Mon. November 25, 2019, 10:09am PT

Independent Institute Research Fellow Vicki E. Alger's presentation at the Westwrn Regional Conference, hosted by Turning Point USA and held in Newport Beach, CA, on October 26, 2019.

Private school choice programs in the United States serve almost half a million students, the vast majority of them low-income, disadvantaged, and special-needs children. Independent Institute Research Fellow Vicki E. Alger, author of "Failure: The Federal 'Misedukation' of America's Children," explains why more and more parents support educational freedom.

Recorded: Sat. October 26, 2019
Experts: Vicki E. Alger
Type: Other Event