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Why Men Are Disappearing on Campus
About half of women entering four-year colleges graduate on time, but only 40% of men do.

Braden Colegrove, Richard K. Vedder | September 20, 2021

The Afghanistization of America
We are doing our best to become a Third-World country of incompetency, constitutional erosion, a fractious and politicized military elite, and racially and ethnically obsessed warring tribes.

Victor Davis Hanson | September 20, 2021

‘Science,’ They Said
Science is dying; superstition disguised as morality is returning. And we all will soon become poorer, angrier and more divided.

Victor Davis Hanson | September 17, 2021

Epitaph for the ‘War on Terror’
Avenging 9/11 and preventing its recurrence was justification for putting enormous effort and money into unrelated or even counterproductive activities the ruling class sold to us as antiterrorism.

Angelo M. Codevilla | September 17, 2021

Does Another Decade of Inflation Loom Ahead?
James L. Butkiewicz, Burton A. Abrams | September 17, 2021

How Experts Can Fail Even When They Are Right
Art Carden | September 15, 2021

Free College? Who Needs the Feds? Markets Will Provide
Richard K. Vedder | September 14, 2021

The Politics of Health
John C. Goodman | September 14, 2021

Is COVID-Induced Hygiene Theater the New Security Theater?
Benjamin Powell | September 13, 2021

America’s Foreign Policy Self-Deception
Time and again Americans have failed to consider whether there was anything the U.S. has done to motivate the attacks of her enemies.

Ivan Eland | September 13, 2021

Wokeness: An Evil of Our Age
Even the Chinese apparat could not invent a more evil, more macabre way to destroy the United States.

Victor Davis Hanson | September 13, 2021

The Constitution’s ‘Harmful Content’
Ronald L. Trowbridge | September 12, 2021

Far-Right Extremism: An Overlooked Cost of the War on Terror
Abigail R. Hall Blanco | September 10, 2021

Recall the California Ideology
A careening Golden State is heading for a colossal train wreck. Voters will have to pick between the incompetent engineer or the private passenger rushing into the cab to get the engine back on track.

Victor Davis Hanson | September 9, 2021

A Short History of the Forbes Top Colleges List
Thirteen years ago we set out to create a different type of ranking of America’s best schools—one based on student outcomes, not reputation and test scores.

Richard K. Vedder | September 9, 2021

College Presidential Pay Makes No Sense: Little Relation to Excellence
Richard K. Vedder | September 9, 2021

Rebutting Paul Krugman on the “Austrian” Pandemic
Robert P. Murphy | September 8, 2021

Why We Are Divided: The Case of Larry Elder
John C. Goodman | September 7, 2021

Federal Higher Education Policy and the Law of Demand
Richard K. Vedder | September 4, 2021

The Domestic Legacy of Our Global “War on Terror”
Christopher J. Coyne | September 4, 2021

Sorry Facebook, Forced Universal Vaccinations Are Not the Answer
All the Science Should Be Considered, Not Censored

Peter K. Navarro, Robert W. Malone | September 3, 2021

Is Our Military Woke, Broke or Both?
Somehow our new woke Pentagon is hell-bent on losing the trust of the American people—along with the wars it fights abroad.

Victor Davis Hanson | September 2, 2021

Afghanistan: A Poster Child for Foreign-Aid Failure
How U.S. aid dollars fueled corruption in Afghanistan.

Steve H. Hanke | September 2, 2021

Congress Needs to Rein in a Too-Powerful Federal Reserve
Judy L. Shelton | September 2, 2021

The Proposed California Mathematics Framework Lacks Research Evidence
Ze'ev Wurman | September 2, 2021

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