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Can the Great ‘Awokening’ Succeed?
Wokeism is creating a future group of politically incorrect Trotskyites on a proverbial rendezvous with a Mexican ice pick, given that by birth they will never be woke enough for the new Stalinism.

Victor Davis Hanson | April 12, 2021

Mark Cuban’s Health Plan
John C. Goodman | April 9, 2021

The Deadly Consequences of Delaying the AstraZeneca Vaccine
Raymond J. March | April 8, 2021

Will the Exploitation of College Athletes Decline Soon?
Richard K. Vedder | April 7, 2021

How Did the Cancel Culture Become Dominant So Quickly?
John C. Goodman | April 6, 2021

Who Pays the Corporate Income Tax?
John C. Goodman | April 5, 2021

Clashing with Two Great Powers at Once Is Bad Policy
Ivan Eland | April 3, 2021

The Cost of California’s Public-Employee Unions
Lawrence J. McQuillan, Adam B. Summers | April 2, 2021

California’s Next Attorney General Rob Bonta is a Champion of Government Greed
K. Lloyd Billingsley | April 2, 2021

Just Because There’s No Price Doesn’t Mean There’s No Cost: Covid-19 Vaccine Edition
Art Carden | April 2, 2021

Happy Days Are Almost Here Again, but for How Long?
Richard K. Vedder | April 2, 2021

The Best Part of Life in the 21st Century? Not Being Dead
Art Carden | April 1, 2021

Copyright Bots Powered by a 1998 Law Threaten the Public’s Right to Know
Jonathan Hofer | March 31, 2021

American Exodus
Don’t wait for the oligarchy to let you in. Just walk away.

Angelo M. Codevilla | March 31, 2021

Collegiate Sanity or Insanity? Oregon and Oregon State
Richard K. Vedder | March 30, 2021

Is Racism Moral Now?
Victor Davis Hanson | March 30, 2021

Has the U.S. Presidency Gone Rogue?
Ivan Eland | March 29, 2021

Carbon War Pits Politics Against Reality
Alvaro Vargas Llosa | March 26, 2021

End the Fed’s Mission Creep
Peter J. Boettke, Alexander William Salter, Daniel J. Smith | March 26, 2021

California’s Education Department Chooses Critical Race Theory Over 100,000 Objections
Lee E. Ohanian | March 26, 2021

Hard Work Isn’t Enough. You Have to Work Hard on the Right Things.
Art Carden | March 24, 2021

The Dramatic Brilliance of March Madness
Art Carden | March 24, 2021

Colleges Short of Cash: Sell the Campus?
Richard K. Vedder | March 23, 2021

Follow the “Science,” They Said
As a general rule, the next time an official, a politician, or an expert lectures us on the “science,” make sure that he is not projecting his own unscientific biases onto others.

Victor Davis Hanson | March 23, 2021

Lose a Ton of Money Fast with ‘Hot Stock Tips’
Art Carden | March 22, 2021

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