The Power of Independent Thinking

Celebration of the Life of David J. Theroux
The Legacy and Future of Liberty
Posted: Tue. March 28, 2023, 12:04pm PT


0:08 Introductory Remarks by Graham H. Walker
1:08 Invocation by Salvatore Cordileone
3:30 Ben Powell Tribute
9:20 Paul Theroux Tribute
12:40 Presentation and Slideshow by Mary Theroux
34:44 George Gilder Tribute
47:26 Video: About the Independent Institute
51:32 Sarah O'Dowd: The Future of Independent

On January 12, 2023, family, friends, and associates gathered to celebrate and be inspired by the life of David J. Theroux, including tributes by Benjamin Powell and son Paul Theroux, an overview of David’s life by his wife Mary, and stirring messages from Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and George Gilder. The evening concluded with a look ahead to a future bright with opportunity.

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